Have a blast at Clip 'n Climb Bristol this half term!

Have a blast at Clip 'n Climb Bristol this half term!

Posted on: 22 Oct 2018

Don’t want the kids climbing the walls over half term? Fear not, as Clip ‘n Climb Bristol is the perfect solution! Clip 'n Climb is composed of a wide selection of climbing-based activities providing healthy, challenging fun for all the family! Why not head on over during the half term break and see why everyone in Bristol is loving this great climbing experience!


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Plenty of fun for your kids this half term at Clip 'n Climb Bristol



If your children are constantly bouncing around at home then Clip ‘n Climb is your answer! With no previous climbing experience needed and a full briefing of what to do and do not before you climb, you can be assured your kid will have a blast and get rid of all that energy! If you’re worried about hurting yourself I can put your mind at ease. Indoor climbing has never been easier or safer as automatic belay devices take in the slack while you climb before lowering you gently to the ground.


Even if your kids aren’t climbing all over the house there has been much talk and focus nowadays on the lifestyles and health of young people, especially with regards to physical activity and obesity. Many parents are keen to find fun ways to get their children interested in physical activity. 

A great family activity at Clip 'n Climb Bristol

Some of the benefits for your kids to go climbing are; It gives children a complete workout, it allows them to be social and interact with other kids, it can allow them to become more self-confident, climbing creates more self-discipline in children along with stimulating their mental health allowing them to concentrate for longer, children can work at their own pace and not have to worry about being competitive and it’s an activity for the whole family! All this from climbing? It would be insane not to pop in over half term!


Clip ‘n Climb has a number of challenges perfect for children and the leap of faith is a favourite of everyone! We can guarantee that you will have an amazing time this half term at Clip ‘n Climb Bristol!


Opening times:

Monday - Friday: 3pm - 9pm 

Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 7pm



4 - 7 years - £10 (Peak)  £6 (Off Peak)

8 - 15 years - £12.50 (Peak)  £10 (Off Peak)

16 + years - £16.50 (Peak)  £12 (Off Peak)

Leap of Faith - £2.50 (Peak)  £2.50 (Off Peak)

Can your kids take on the leap of faith?

For group bookings or parties it is best that you email info@clipnclimbbristol.co.uk to avoid disappointment.


For any further information about Clip ‘n Climb Bristol simply visit their website at - clipnclimbbristol.co.uk or connect with them via Twitter or Facebook

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