Quiz Nights at Snuffy Jack's in Fishponds

Quiz Nights at Snuffy Jack's in Fishponds

Posted on: 22 May 2018

Cracking Fishponds micropub Snuffy Jack's holds its quiz nights on the first Wednesday of every month, with the next one taking place on Wednesday 6th June 2018.


Since opening in 2017, Snuffy Jack's has quite rightly earned its reputation as one of the best boozers in, not just Fishponds, but the whole of Bristol. Actually the third micropub in the city, the place always does a roaring trade and is crammed with regulars (myself amongst them), quaffing contentedly on the always-impressive range of ales and ciders, which can include up to 8 of the former and 2 or more of the latter. There are also several canned beers, wine and a few varieties of gin.  

Snuffy Jacks in Bristol

History fans will know the name derives from the head miller of the nearby Snuff Mills, while frequent punters will also know that owner John Fallon is as welcoming and gregarious as any publican you could wish to meet; warm, friendly and chatting infectiously to customers as if they were his oldest, best friends. A convivial breath of fresh air, he knows how to run a (micro)pub, which is why this establishment is often (quite rightly) more popular than many of the other, stone's-throw boozers.  

There's also an attractive discount for NUS students and CAMRA members who can enjoy a 30p reduction on all ales and ciders. It's also family friendly with children welcome until 8pm. And of course, it not only eschews the usual pub standards of a jukebox, fruit machine and music in favour of good ol' fashioned conversation, it also has a small but deliciously satisfying range of bar snacks (I can wholeheartedly recommend those oval-shaped bastions of ultimate beer-soakage, pickled eggs).


The pub quiz itself - and slight apologies for the enthusiastic digression - takes place on the first Wednesday of the month, so the next one is on course for Wednesday 6th June 2018, and it usually kicks off around the 7pm mark. So bone up on your general knowledge and get on down to this ale-quaffing oasis. 


For more information about Snuffy Jack's, quaff your way on over to the pub's Facebook page here.


Snuffy Jack's is located at 800 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3TE


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