New Bristol Based Ethical Cycling Clothing Brand, The Bike Spoke Launches.

New Bristol Based Ethical Cycling Clothing Brand, The Bike Spoke Launches.

Posted on: 01 Dec 2017

New Bristol Based Ethical Cycling Clothing Brand, The Bike Spoke Launches. 


A current UWE Human Geography Student, Ceri Middleton has launched a new ethical cycling clothing brand, The Bike Spoke. The Bike Spoke focuses on creating stylish and comfortable cycling clothing, which are both ethical and eco-friendly. 


First launching with their line of Bamboo t-shirts, The Bike Spoke aim for important qualities we can enjoy; with a super soft feel and breathable material, Bamboo is also well known for its ethical qualities; needing limited water, growing fast and helping the sustainability of the soil making it a great environmentally friendly material.

The t-shirts are accredited to the Fair Wear Foundation, meaning they are made in a safe working environment and the employees are looked after fairly. Fair Wear Foundation ensures social responsibility in manufacturing. Some of the standards include legal contracts, living wage, no child labour, no forced labour, no excessive work hours, safe working conditions and no discrimination against employees. 

Their t-shirts are hand printed in Bristol and celebrate Bristol’s cycling and environmental achievements.


“Being England’s first cycling city and then having being Europe’s Green Capital in 2015, this is something we are proud of! I wanted to create a t-shirt which celebrates the city and encourages more cycling, both commuting and for pleasure”

The second design portrays the symbol of their brand ethics; workers rights for the people that make their clothing and environmental control showing that cycling with this brand does keep the world turning illustrated with a unique design of a globe within a bike wheel.

Products are available online, more information can be found, here or check in with their social media channels below.




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