Feel the burn Down Under courtesy of Aussie Hot Sauces

Feel the burn Down Under courtesy of Aussie Hot Sauces

Posted on: 24 May 2017

Chilli-heads of Bristol, unite...Aussie Hot Sauces is here to deliver world famous sauces to the West Country. Flavour-packed and taste bud bothering, they are a welcome addition to our shores. 



Matt Tangent is the man behind Aussie Hot Sauces and a better-qualified chilli-head you could not wish find. He has been a regular fixture on the scene for years and, after spotting a gap in the market, decided to take it upon himself to import Bunsters world famous 'S*** The Bed' sauces to the UK. They are joined by other offerings from Down Under to make up the perfect one-stop-shop for anybody serious about their sauce.


These sauces are not your average 'hot sauce'. They are skillfully crafted and offer layers of complex flavour. Yes...the Black Label will knock your socks off but that's probably why Aussies spend their life wearing thongs --- it's the Australian word for flip-flops, get your head out of the gutter.

Feel the burn Down Under courtesy of Aussie Hot Sauces

Just to be sure, we welcomed Matt and his merry band of 3 'S*** The Bed' sauces to 365Bristol Towers for a tasting amongst our staff followed by a hot-wing challenge against our senior editor, James. Who could take down 6 full wings that had been marinated overnight in the 16 out of 10 Black Label sauce and then barbequed that day. You have probably already suffered through the video above!


For more info on Aussie Hot Sauces and to see their superb range of products please visit aussiehotsauces.com and keep up to date via Facebook and Twitter

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