‘Boris Bike’ style project to launch in Bristol

‘Boris Bike’ style project to launch in Bristol

Posted on: 09 May 2017

The YoBike initiative, which launches today, will fill Bristol with distinctive yellow bicycles, allowing cyclists to pick up and lock up a ride anywhere in the city. The revolution will not be motorised...


Today YoBike hits the streets of Bristol, bringing with it 300 bright yellow bicycles, with the scheme set to revolutionise the way in which people get around the city.


Unlike existing bike sharing schemes, YoBikes do not require a bike docking station so they can be picked up from and left in safe, legal and convenient locations. The bike’s built-in digital technology links to a mobile app which gives cyclists the ability to instantly unlock any of the bikes, wherever they find them.


And an hour’s cycling will set you back just one pound…


It works in five very simple stages:


  • Download the YoBike app onto your smartphone.
  • Locate a bike using the in-app map and unlock it by scanning the QR code on its frame.
  • Get cycling!
  • Once you have reached your destination, secure your bike with the wheel-lock.
  • Mark your journey as complete using the app.


The scheme has proved hugely successful in the Asian cities where it has launched; now Bristol has been chosen as the first European city to trial it.


Users can either pay per hour or rent a bike for 24 hours for £5. Regular cyclists can opt to buy an annual commuter pass for just £39, which entitles them to two, one-hour long rides per day.


For more information, visit www.yobike.co.uk.

Article by:

Sam Mason-Jones

An ardent Geordie minus the accent, Sam seemingly strove to get as far away from the Toon as possible, as soon as university beckoned. Three undergraduate years at UoB were more than ample time for Bristol (as it inevitably does) to get under his skin, and so here he remains: reporting, as Assistant Editor, on the cultural happenings which so infatuated him with the city. Catch him at sam@365bristol.com.