Incredible Edible Bristol takes to crowd sourcing website to raise funds to transform Bristol into the UK's first edible city

Incredible Edible Bristol takes to crowd sourcing website to raise funds to transform Bristol into the UK's first edible city

Posted on: 25 Apr 2014

Incredible Edible Bristol is a grassroots movement to transform Bristol in to the UK’s first edible city through helping groups based across Bristol to grow their own food on whatever land is available.  Incredible Edible Bristol aims to do this by offering plots of land, seeds, tools and advice to groups of volunteers who are looking to start growing edible plants in their neighbourhoods. They are also engaging schools and universities through a series of education programmes and also aim to run health programmes with hospitals and care homes in a quest to transform Bristol in to the UK's first Edible City.


Incredible Edible Bristol aims to make use of the many underused spaces across the city that are perfect for growing food. As the organisation points out "Bristol has more green spaces proportionally than any other city in the UK and this means there are lots of opportunities for raised beds, edible gardens and community projects." 


Incredible Edible Bristol aims to raise just over £4,500 to make their aims a reality and kick start their project. So far there has been a tremendous response with almost £500 pledged with 19 days of their fundraising appeal still to go. If successful, Incredible Edible Bristol will use the funds to:


- Kick start the next phase by planting 3 highly visible edible gardens in the centre of Bristol.

- Supply resources and support to people in Bristol to grow organic produce all over the city.

- Provide volunteering opportunities for people looking to join a community-led green initiative in Bristol.

 - Work with schools and universities to raise awareness of issues surrounding food as a vital issue.

- Work with hospitals and care homes to offer edible gardening opportunities to patients and the elderly.

- Build a kinder and more resilient Bristol for future generations.


The Incredible Edible Bristol project believe that through transforming non-traditional urban spaces into edible gardens and transforming the appearance of streets, neighbourhoods and town centres, that community cohesion will be improved, crime reduced and a whole host of social issues will be addressed by involving a broad range of people in shared activities. 


Incredible Edible Bristol are raising funds through crowd sourcing website Space Hive and are appealing for investors to support their fantastic community initiative. If you would like to contribute please visit


Equally, If you are interested in starting an edible garden or know someone that might be please get in touch with Incredible Edible Bristol via email,, or through twitter,


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