Review of Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Posted on: 2023-05-23

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One of the best children’s attractions in or near Bristol!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Noah's Ark Zoo Farm on a sunny weekend with my daughter (4) and Dad (old). I've visited before but is well worth a revisit as there is so much to do and it is an interesting and fun day out for everyone.


The first thing to note is that the parking is great, and the track around the Zoo Farm is made well enough so that buggies can easily be rolled anywhere you need to go. The vast majority of the site's walkways are paved and the few non-paved sections are fine gravel which the small wheels of a buggy have no issues traversing.


The main attraction is obviously the animals with a massive selection to check out, from giant tortoises (lots!) to the Giraffes, Elephants, Lions and Bears with plenty of other smaller animals dotted around the park. In my opinion it is far too much to take in during a single visit so multiple trips will retain the attention of kids with even the shortest of attention spans.


The animals all look well cared for and site specialists hold regular talks around the park, which is good to see and the employees all genuinely seem to enjoy their jobs and obviously have a great level of passion for it.

The animal enclosures are set up in a large ring so there is a good route to take around the place, though there are a fair few deviations that you can take to see something that you haven’t seen on one of your previous visits.


Along the way, we were impressed by the sheer amount and the quality of mini play-parks catering for kids of all ages. A special highlight is the pedal power tractors which all the young kids absolutely loved! 


The kids will tire quite quickly with this level of excitement and you are, of course, welcome to bring your own picnic or get some food from the wonderful on site café. There are plenry of seats, athough it can be hard to find an indoor table at peak food hour. A few minutes of hawk eyed observation and waiting will yield the result you want in the form of a table to sit at to rest your legs and have a bite to eat, so it's no drama.


After lunch we visited the large hill toward the back of the park where the larger animals are enclosed. There was also a very impressive bird of prey display which is quite a novel thing and especially spectacular especially for the younger children who gawped in amazement.

By the time my daughter (and Dad) had ran out of energy we still hadn’t seen everything that there is to offer in the park! So, another visit later in the summer paired with a visit to the very local Weston-Super-Mare beach could well be in order. 5/5 from me one of the best children’s attractions in or near Bristol!


For more information, head to the Noah's Ark Zoo Farm website.

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