Monster Truck and Royal Tusk Bristol gig review

Posted on: 2019-04-21

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All in all a very amazing classic night of good southern rock and I give it a 10 out 10 and we'll recommend seeing the band.

Monster Truck and Royal Tusk on Thursday 18th April 2019 at O2 Academy Bristol.

On arrival to see the almighty Monster Truck, I was lucky enough to grab a brief interview with Jon Harvey. We met outside the venue, this guy you could tell he was a frontman. I introduced myself and proceeded to have a chat. We kicked off with the last time i seen them play of which was back last year supporting the mighty Black Stone Cherry. I asked how he found the Bristol crowd he said he loves playing Bristol. I asked him any reason of which he said the vibes from the City. The last time they played Bristol was at the Marble Factory going back a couple of years. I then proceeded to ask about the venue and how he feels with the crowd, he looked up and smiled and said he loves playing the O2 considering they are also playing Birmingham on Friday. I asked after their support Royal Tusk, Jon said the band was friends of theirs and when the tour was announced the band was all in agreement. I ended the interview there as the sound checks needed finishing.

So onwards to the venue to see the openers Royal Tusk a band that has a lot of energy. I kind of expected something very energetic Daniel Carriere and band kicked into "First Time", this was full of energy and passion from the band. After a few more storming tracks the band kicked into a track called "Reflection", the venue lit up and was enjoying what they were hearing. You can tell the set was tight. I feel the band in a year or two will be going places. After they played "Stowaway", and "Die Knowing", and "Control" the band was coming to the end of there set. The audience was very happy so with the band thanking Bristol, they kicked into "Cochise" an Audioslave cover, it was magical as they dedicated it to the late Chris Cornell and they went on to warm the crowd for the mighty Monster Truck.

The stage was set ready to go and the intro came on and the band members started to walk on the stage and the crowd was ready. The band kicked into "The Lion" a perfect starting track to warm the audience. The band was buzzing with being onstage and in Bristol once again. The band played further tracks, "Don’t tell me how to Live", "Devil don’t Care", "The Enforcer" which went down very well with the buzzing crowd. You could feel the vibe in the air and the band were mid swing and thanked the audience for coming out. The atmosphere was amazing and Jon dressed in his waistcoat, some t-shirt i couldn’t quite read he was controlling the crowd, kicking into "She’s a Witch" from the album 'Sitting Heavy' the set was lively and coming up to finishing off the band played "Old Train" and "Thunder Truck". The band then left the stage. After only a few mins they returned with a swagger to play "Sweet Mountain River" from the album 'Furiosity'.

All in all a very amazing classic night of good southern rock and I give it a 10 out 10 and we'll recommend seeing the band. I wish them all the best for Birmingham.

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Jamie Plumley

My name is Jamie and I've promoted within Bristol for many years. I have a passion for music, theatre and food! I am no rock, you will find me out and about and always a bit loud and brash. Let's live life and enjoy.