Benidorm Live at The Bristol Hippodrome - Theatre Review

Posted on: 2018-11-20

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Unlike The Solana I give this performance 5 Stars!

Benidorm Live At The Bristol Hippodrome 19/11/2018

As a fan of the much loved TV show Benidorm I have laughed my way through the last decade of All Inclusive holiday hilarity, I was looking forward to seeing Benidorm Live and experience the hilarity of this year’s summer holiday japes.

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Benidorm Live review at The Bristol Hippodrome

Bringing six of the final series much loved cast members together for one final episode of fun in the sun Derren Litten has written and adapted his hit TV show for the stage. Giving us humour that wouldn’t normally make it past the eagle eyes at OFCOM and the pre-watershed rules that apply to TV.

The set is brilliantly designed with a rotating platform giving us a back drop of Neptune’s, the hotel entrance, reception, pool area, Blow and Go Salon and Joyce Temple-Savage's office. The detail on the set is amazing from the fourth star falling off the wall to the towels hanging on the miniature balcony’s. Attention to detail was the name of the game when Mark Walters started the initial design process.

The stage performance revisits some greatly loved storylines and reignites them for the stage audience. With mistaken identity, holiday romances and rubbish hotel staff, the Benidorm we love on screen is brought to us live on stage. The introduction of new characters like the posh couple Sophie and Ben, Ricky and Mrs Cattleprod made the old storylines new again. The energy from these new characters is fantastic and really fits with what the show is about.

Benidorm Live review at The Bristol Hippodrome

The much loved cast members do the story of Benidorm justice by continuing on from previous storylines and referencing past characters ensuring that we know what Lesley the “Gender Illusionist” Receptionist is up to back in the UK.

Hearing Jacqueline talk lovingly about her late husband Donald and reminiscing about their swinging years. Hearing Joyce Temple-Savage become exasperated by Crystal Hennessey-Vass and apologising to Sir Henry for the ever jobless Monty punching him in the face.

It was also a treat after hearing about him for the last decade to finally meet “Gay Derek” and experience his OCD and rhyming when he gets too overwhelmed and “blacks out”.

Jake Canuso’s portrayal of Mateo the greasy Spanish bar man, is as ever outstanding. You are in for a treat with his current misunderstanding of the English language.

This is a show that is filled with singing, dancing, innuendo after innuendo and panto-esque comedy that had the audience crying with laughter all night. The whole performance was fast paced and entertaining, ensuring that the laughs that we normally get from a 45 minute television programme were in abundance in a 2 hour stage performance.

A huge round of applause and pat on the back to all the actors and crew members in this performance.

This is a great night out for friends, dates and grown up family members.

Unlike The Solana I give this performance 5 Stars !

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