International Artist Residencies at Spikes Island in Bristol on 9 February

Discussion: International Artist Residencies at Spikes Island in Bristol on Thursday 9 February 2017


Alessio Antoniolli, Director of Gasworks and Triangle Network (an international network of arts organisations and projects that support the work of emerging artists) is joined by artist and Spike Island studio holder Huma Mulji to discuss their experiences of organising and hosting artist residencies internationally.


Alessio Antoniolli

Alessio Antoniolli is the Director of Gasworks, London; an organisation that supports emerging artists through studio provisions and through an international programme of research-led residencies as well as exhibitions of newly commissioned work. These programmes are accompanied by events and participatory activities that further connect artists and their work with audiences. Alessio is also the Director of Triangle Network, a global community of artists and grass-roots arts organisations. He is involved in planning and fundraising for the Network, as well as working with partners on developing exchange projects such as artists’ residencies and workshops.


Huma Mulji

Huma Mulji is a visual artist who works with sculpture, photography and drawing to create material juxtapositions that are often awkward and scruffy, and broadly address notions of failure, neglect, and the dysfunctional. The works imbue an absurdity and anti-heroism, that often plays out comically, in her works. She has been involved with the Triangle Arts Network since her residency at Gasworks in 2001, and has been part of the working group of Vasl Artists Collective in Karachi, and coordinator of Vasl Lahore until 2008.

Additionally, she has initiated collaborative projects for art students and young artists across Pakistan e.g. 13 Satellites of Lahore, which unfolded as an international residency.  She was Associate Professor at the School of Visual Arts, BNU, Lahore from 2003-2015, and is currently Visiting Artist 2015-17 at Goldsmiths College, and Lecturer, BA Hons. Fine Art, at Plymouth College of Art, UK. She currently lives in
Bristol and has a studio at Spike Island.