Hurtdeer's Birthday ft. KREST and TWISTED ANKLE At The Crofter Rights June 10th

Local Bristol DJ and producer Hurtdeer is turning 36 and they figure that there's no better way to celebrate than to put two of his favourite local bands on for one night. Very different in tone, and origin, but sharing a common goal of playing ridiculous music very very seriously, the two acts together should be an absolute treat for the ears- or, at least, some sort of ear relationship will happen. Hurtdeer will probably spin some tunes between acts because its their birthday and they want to.

Bristol's premier toothpaste themed metal/breakcore/funny/kickdrums act, featuring Strawbee on guitar, Twixie No-No on computer, and Half-Pete on audience antagonisation. A ten year old in-joke that went way too far and has torn up festivals and clubs across the UK. Half-Pete looks very similar to Hurtdeer but don't think about it too much. #TheToothUnleashed

Three very loud boys playing very loud music and giving the audience absolutely no quarter with their presence. Henry, Joseff and Bruno perform with a manic energy that is simultaneously as virtuosic as it is ridiculous. Is it punk? Jazz? Alternative? Who cares, don't be a nerd about it. Every bio ends with "Not to be missed" these days, but for once it's accurate.

36 year old who plays silly fast music. Embarrassing tbh

Crofters Rights second room, £5.45 entry, 7 til 10 (further drinking afterwards obviously) Okey Dokey hope to see everyone there

Tickets available from: £5.45