Honey Harper At The Crofters Rights - March 14th

The profound quality of Honey Harper’s cosmic country is engrossing. Full of self-reflection and insight, there is plenty of contradiction and complexity, but everything is smoothly held together in lyrics, sound and composition.

Within the first few moments of their self-titled new album, Honey Harper & The Infinite Sky deliver a dashed-off statement on the trappings of country music and their desire for transcendence: “I’m sick and tired of three chords and the truth/I think I’m ready for some computer blues.” In keeping with the album’s kaleidoscopic references—the Bee Gees, Frank Ocean, Greek mythology, sci-fi futurism—that lyric evolved from an in-studio discussion of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard and his theory of simulation.

Despite the high level of conceptualization that went into its creation, the record embodies an irresistibly loose and groove-heavy sound that hits with an immediate impact. Honey Harper’s chief calling card – that silky, ever-smooth voice – still drives the moment, but the surrounding atmosphere is more organic than celestial: pianos glisten across the surface, electric guitars wail like they’re straight out of a scene from some old western, and the drums sound Earthy and proximal.

Presented by Bristol Beacon

Standing show

Age: 18+

Doors: 19.00
Start Time: 20.00
Finish: 22.00