Charge FORWARDS into music heaven!

FORWARDS Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in Bristol's calendar - despite being a relatively fresh face to the scene. 

FORWARDS is cutting-edge on the music scene, this year's festival features some huge names, including Four Tet, Jessie Ware, Maribou State and Yard Act, as well as some really colossal festival headliners - namely like LCD Soundsystem and Loyle Carner.


It's an eclectic multi-genre affair for those who want to truly immerse themselves in all the greats of music culture, regardless of where in that culture they sit. See favourites, find new ones, and broaden your horizons, all whilst having an explosively fun time. 


But despite FORWARDS' broad range of music, bevvy of eclectic street food offerings, and inclusive atmosphere of fun - it's not just a festival about partying. FORWARDS also seeks to further conversations and ideas - looking FORWARDS to the future. FORWARDS features a series of brain-tingling talks via its dedicated stage THE INFORMATION. Last year included talks from David Olusoga, Munroe Bergdorf, and even Bristol's own Mayor Marvin Rees - all on topics from race, to fashion, gender, and the environment. 


2024's festival can likely be expected to feature a slice of the future somewhere too - like 2023's feature artwork Six Degrees, exploring the sustainable building materials, and the use of fungal mycelium as a raw material for growing cost-effective and sustainable insulation, all set to a melodic and magical soundscape by DJ & producer Aunty Flo.


In line with those ideas, FORWARDS is also totally focused on sustainability, with environmental impact reports available on their website to illustrate their commitment to protecting the environment.


To get a taste of FORWARDS for yourself, check out our article of FORWARDS in ten pictures, or for more information about the festival, head to the FORWARDS Festival website.