Enduring, pioneering Britpop rock

Breakout stars of the 90s Britpop scene, Feeder are a special case amongst their contemporaries, having had continued relevance and success through the last 20 years – their 2019 album Tallulah debuted at number four on the charts. Now, they’re back again to showcase a brand new, massive double album; Black/Red.

Feeder began releasing records more than thirty years ago, been bringing their anthemic rock music to fans old and new all over the world. Tracks like “Just the Way I’m Feeling”, “Just a Day” and “Buck Rogers” are just some of their huge Top 40 chart hits. Not only that, but Feeder were also inducted into Kerrang! Hall of Fame in 2019, following winning two Kerrang! awards in 2001 and 2003 respectively. 2024 sees the band ready to reclaim their position as one of the biggest and best British rock bands as Grant and Taka return for a UK tour.

Grant Nicholas is a Welsh musician and singer who serves as Feeder's lead singer and lead guitarist. Also acclaimed for his solo work, Nicholas is a skilled guitarist - known for using his signature 1967 Sunburst Fender Jazzmaster.

Taka Hirose is the band's bassist - he also has his own solo career and work as a solo electronic musician, usually under the alias Funkybottom, as part of which he's actually remixed multiple of Feeder's tracks such as Tracing Lines. He also works as a chef, running a recipe website.

The O2 Academy leads the way in Bristol when it comes to top-drawer live acts. Located on Frogmore Street in the city centre, the venue has seen some of the world’s top artists on its stage over the years and continues to fill its programme with a huge mix of established and emerging talent.

The 1,600-capacity club is capable of hosting intimate gigs as well as unforgettable, explosive live shows, thanks to a tiered setup that ensures the whole crowd is close to the stage. At sold-out events the lower standing area gets hot and sweaty, with the upper decks allowing for some respite and providing alternative views. It’s been the most attractive prospect in the South West for a number of world-renowned touring musicians for years, and Bristol quite simply would not be the same without it.