Charlotte Cornfield Is On At The Crofters Rights October 20th

Rolling Stone: Charlotte Cornfield is Canada’s Best-Kept Secret

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"Charlotte Cornfield is a songwriter like few others, so able to deftly create in her songs an emotional resonance that when plugged in, hits us all right where we can share in her memories." - SPIN

“Highs in the Minuses is the kind of record you can tie your heart to; sharp, honest, and full of light." - Gold Flake Paint

"What's most striking about Highs in the Minuses is how Cornfield delves through crushing pain, disappointment, and anxiety without expressing a hint of bitterness or angst. The songs are raw but graceful, with an unrelenting openness that adds a strange sweetness to even Cornfield's most harrowing memories and heartbreaking lines." - All Music

"one of the year’s best records" - The Alternative

"There’s something deeply universal about the music Charlotte Cornfield makes, like the great story-telling songwriters she invites you into her world, and invites you to be a part of her stories. Her words resonate as if she’s dipped into your head and pulled your thoughts out to place them onto her lyrical page. If all of the Highs In The Minuses are this thrilling this could be a truly magical record." - For The Rabbits

"'Headlines' is rootsy and warm and builds to a twisting chorus." - Stereogum

"The beautiful thing about Charlotte Cornfield's music is how she is able to make stories so personal to her, feel personal to you. On her fourth record Highs in the Minuses, Cornfield is her usual candid self, but she sounds steadier and her experiences are even more in focus." -Exclaim!

18+ event.

Tickets available from: £10.65