Check out the fascinating British Tattoo Art Revealed at Bristol's M Shed.


Let's be honest, tattoos often get a bad rap. Now more associated with plaid-wearing, luxuriantly-bearded hipsters, the art and the history of tattoos is actually a lot more rich and interesting than that - as Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed at M Shed more than brilliantly reveals.


Exhibiting until Sunday 16th June 2019, this is your chance to sneak a peek into the comprehensive and often groundbreaking lineage of British tattooing.  Featuring a range of leading academics, cutting-edge designers and private collectors, this sets the often misunderstood record straight when it comes to a spot of skin-based inking.


Featured are the works of influential tattoo artists and the exhibition boasts the largest collection of original tattoo artwork ever put together in the UK, championing this frequently much-maligned art form - and yes, it is an art form - to challenge head-on misconceptions, preconceptions and myth propagated through the years.


Also showcased is the work of Britain's first, pioneering female tattoo artist, Jessie Knight, offering a fascinating history and previously unseen archive material.


Combined, Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed does, indeed, reveal more than 400 original artworks, historic artefacts and photographs.  With around one in people in the UK sporting an ink-based illustration of some sort, and with them transcending ages, boundaries and class, this literally is a thrilling, eye-opening exhibition for everyone.