Clothing and equipment for people who love the fresh air

GO Outdoors Bristol is a supplier of clothing and equipment for people who love the fresh air and outdoors. It sells a complete choice of both top quality and lower priced gear for people embarking on activities such as camping, caravanning, climbing, cycling, fishing, horse-riding, running, skiing and walking in ranges for children, men and women. 

The at GO Outdoors are trained to be familiar with each of the activities catered for enabling them to offer expert advice and the best products to suit individual plans and needs. There are also in-store specialists available who have more specific knowledge of certain activities and are able to offer more detailed advice whether the subject be how and where to best pitch a tent, the correct choice and fitting of walking boots, which bicycles are best used to which terrain and purpose, the safe and proper use of climbing equipment and much more.

The large Bristol branch is located in the Brislington area of the south east of the city where staff are particularly proud of the contribution their advice on cycling equipment has made to the citys proud reputation for low carbon emissions. This particular store is equipped with a number of facilities including baby changing area, wheelchair access, changing rooms, public toilets and free car parking. 

The premises also have a number of areas that display the practical applications of much of the equipment on offer such as a climbing wall, an (outdoor) tent display area, boot fitting area, rucksack fitting area, a gait analysis machine as well as repair shops for cycle servicing and tent repair (poles only).

Where to find us

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