Offering both green screen and fancy dress enhancements to spruce up its subjects, Bespoke Photo Booths is the addition which will improve any party.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what they probably didn’t tell you is that a thousand pictures make a party. The folks at Bespoke Photo Booths, however, are well aware of the latter, and bring the fun to any function for which they are booked.


Rather than just recording a bash with their pictures, Bespoke Photo Booths ensure that part of the party is derived in actually taking them. As such they provide a number of entertaining fancy dress costumes and a green screen to give their photographs a seal of amusement.


Assembling quickly and coming in a stylish black finish, the booths themselves make an easy and discreet supplement to the room. Their numerous packages are competitively-priced and can fit well to any function.

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