Marvellous Medicine Tour at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol

Marvellous Medicine Tour at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol

Posted on: 07 Jul 2018

With the NHS celebrating its 70th glorious birthday this year, learn all about medicine and how it has changed and improved over the years with Arnos Vale's Marvellous Medicine Tour on Saturday 7th July 2018.


The greatest healthcare system in the world, set up in 1948 by  Aneurin Bevan, it's impossible to underestimate just how important this immense and fantastic institution is; the hard work, commitment and dedication by its unfaltering staff and the vital contribution they make to taking care of the nation, increasingly under stressful and difficult conditions, and ensuring they (we) have the very best in patient care. That's something to be extremely proud of and it's absolutely imperative we fight for its survival (and I'll stop there before my digressions become too overtly political).


The tour will inform you about Victorian medicine and how it changed the city and the world, covering fresh water to forensics, childhood disease and cholera, and the countless, crucial medical discoveries made by professionals which have shaped the city and made it one of the healthiest places to live. 


It's a salute, a tribute, a more-than-deserved doffing of the cap to all the dedicate professionals, doctors, nurses, scientists, surgeons and, of course, patients who have helped shape and make the NHS exactly what it is and has been for the past 70 years - and must continue to flourish, save lives and remain at the very forefront of global national healthcare for ANOTHER 70 years.


It's reminded that Arnos Vale can often be a tricky site to navigate, covering as it does quite a few steps, uneven paths and and steep slopes, and kitting yourself out with sensible, weather-suitable clothes and appropriate shoes is also highly advised.  


The tour - which will kicks off at 10.30am (lasting until 12pm) from reception in the East Lodge - costs £5 and £4 for NHS staff, and can be purchased here.


Arnos Vale Cemetery is located at  Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3EW.  Tel. 0117 9719117


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