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Meet The Team from 365 Bristol

The 365 Bristol team comprises of a highly experienced mix of writers, trained specifically in writing for the web, business development managers and digital media specialists.

 Business Development


Brendan Murphy

Bristol born and bred despite the name, Brendan has been working in the digital media sector for the last 10 years and advertising for last 19 years. A wealth of knowledge about the city and more importantly at how to help businesses get as much online exposure as possible. Call him on 07876 735153 or email



Jason Bowley - Co-Founder of 365 The World LtdJason Bowley
Jason has lived in Brislington all his life. Married with one son and a beagle puppy. Has over 20 Years experience in Business Development. Jason has an amiable approach and offers a huge amount of knowledge in maximising a business marketing budget. Call him on 07780 983512 or email





Sarah StarlingSarah Starling

Sarah is a writer and blogger, as well as running workshops and teaching. Her passions are food and travel, and you can follow her on Instagram at YesStarling and find her website at .



Hannah Moll - Assistant Editor at 365BristolHannah Moll

Hannah recently graduated with a degree in English with Writing. She is an all-round avid writer, freelancer and creative. Hannah is currently writing her first full-length novel and a collection of poetry. Always out and about in Bristol's buzzing music scene, she loves attending music events on a weekly basis. 


Sam Mason-Jones - Editor 365Bristol and 365Bath

Sam Mason-Jones

An ardent Geordie minus the accent, Sam seemingly strove to get as far away from the Toon as possible, as soon as university beckoned. Three undergraduate years at UoB were more than ample time for Bristol (as it inevitably does) to get under his skin, and so here he remains: reporting, as Assistant Editor, on the cultural happenings which so infatuated him with the city. Catch him on 07985 364597 or email


Miri Teixeira - Assistant Editor 365Bristol and 365BathMiri Teixeira

Miri is an English literature student at the University of Bristol who enjoys folk-punk & math-rock music, trailing round art galleries, and playing video games. She is a keen follower of politics and will read any science fiction you throw her way. Having lived in and around Bristol for many years she has developed a keen interest in the Bristol underground music scene and independent restaurants.




Kelly Jobanputra

Kelly Jobanputra

Kelly worked as a journalist for the BBC for 12 years before she changed careers and went into the field of marketing. Having worked at 6 Music for several years, she is passionate about many different genres of sound. Her other interests include theatre, comedy, books, food and days out with the family (she has a young daughter who is described as a "whirlwind of fun.") Kelly is married to Vik who is a true Bristolian to the core! She is also looking at starting a professional nutritional therapy course soon.




Paul Holbrook - contributing editor at 365Bristol.comPaul Holbrook
Born and bred in Bristol, Paul is a creative, freelance writer who contributes articles and entertainment reviews. Paul is also an established screenwriter making headway in the competitive world of the spec screenplay, a film producer, a movie & music buff, an animal lover, and a father to two kids. "Working as a freelance writer in both print and on-line industries gives me the freedom to work on my narrative spec writing, and there is no better city than vibrant Bristol to encourage and inspire."



Sam Rowswell Sam Rowswell 

Fashion influencer Sam Rowswell has recently switched focus after discovering the diversity in the Bristols buzzing food scene. Originally from Essex, Sam has realised that there's a whole lot of West Country in her since her move 8 years ago. You can find Sam at, and on Twitter and Instagram


Matt Robson - UWEMatt Robson

Having moved to Bristol in 2015, Matt is currently studying his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at UWE. Matt is passionate about a number of arts including music and illustration, and looks to a number of areas for inspiration to produce his own work in his spare time. An avid music enthusiast, he makes the most of Bristol’s diverse nightlife and attends gigs and club nights regularly.


Seb Reilly 

Born in the North yet now calls the South home, Seb graduated from the University of the West of England in Business Management with Accounting in 2016; since then he has done whatever work he can to subsidise his real passions; video games and music. When not listening to records, from Sade to Rush to Star Wars, and playing video games, he enjoys poetry, cooking, baking and playing his guitar. 


Richard Purdon - Editor at

Richard Purdon

After a short spell in Mexico working with crocodiles, Richard studied journalism and professional writing at university before writing for several South West newspapers and their online publications. He subsequently wrote and co-edited an online magazine, was a freelance and technical writer for websites and worked on SEO, social media and digital marketing projects for international organisations. He loves living in Bristol and spends his time either running around the countryside or running up bar tabs.


Martin Allen-Smith

As a lifelong music obsessive, Martin brings his extensive journalism experience to bear on reviewing some of the many gigs that make Bristol's music scene one of the liveliest in the country. Originally from London, he spends his time following AFC Wimbledon, tormenting his children with Dad Jokes, and getting out to see as much live music, comedy and theatre as possible.



Sam Dawe - Contributing Editor at 365Bristol.comSam Dawe
A lifelong Bristol resident and pop culture enthusiast, Sam is a movie buff who loves reading, running, travel and “nerding out” on line. A short film director, screenwriter and freelance video editor, Sam loves his city. "It’s got so much personality and it’s so aesthetically diverse. Wherever you are in Bristol –  whether it’s the suburbs or the metropolitan city centre –  you’re never far away from green. The countryside’s always at your doorstep."


Adam Brittain - Student Life Editor at 365Bristol.comAdam Brittain
Adam is VP of Sports and Societies at the University of The West of England and will be focusing his writing on the student population of Bristol. From what's on through to events and student life. He has also been working with us as part of the UWE Internship programme.

Sam Coles - a.k.a. The Bristolian GamerSam Coles - a.k.a. The Bristolian Gamer
Sam has lived in Bristol all his life. A keen cyclist he speeds around the city but video games are his bread and butter. Whether the old Nes and Snes games or the XBox One and Playstation releases he loves them all. Sam runs his own gaming blog called Bristolian Gamer where he had been reviewing indie games, doing retro reviews and venting his anger at the industry when it does wrong since 2010. Sam joined the 365Bristol team in December 2014.

Maria Skinner
Maria has lived in Bristol for 9 years and loves how diverse the city is with its endless things to do, places to go and restaurants to try. Maria is happiest when eating great food, trying new things, being a photography geek, and just having fun out and about in Bristol. 




Alvin Dube
Born in Zimbabwe but a Bristolian at heart. My longest love affair has been with music and proud to say my first purchase was the album 'Push' by Bros I have always strived to be the cat amongst the pigeons and revitalise the music scene. My music tastes are so eclectic I often wonder what I would be if I wasn't surrounded by the essence of life. I enjoy dancing hence just a drum beat will get me going. I love my son. I love life and always impartial to a spot of cider... I mean who wouldn't? ..

Jamie Caddick
Jamie is a writer, blogger, journalist, critic, film fan, soundtrack nerd and all-round Bristolian good egg.  He loves the music of Philip Glass, the art of Salvador Dali, the writings of Charles Bukowksi and Hunter S Thompson, the irreverence of Harry Hill, and the timeless, straw-chomping exuberance of The Wurzels.  You can sometimes find him railing against a surging tide of passing cyclists, or gorging himself senseless on the Oriental delights of a Cosmos all-you-can-eat buffet.  


Josh Coulson - Contributing Editor at 365Bristol

Josh Coulson 

Josh was born in Bristol and returned here after ten years in Cornwall to study journalism at the University of the West of England. Since graduating in 2014 he has sought out any opportunity to write about the things he loves, which is what has brought him here. His love of music and comedy means most of his time is spent at gigs and concerts across the city. As well as that he is a life long Bristol City fan and has a self-professed shameful addiction to the world of professional wrestling.


Vivienne Kennedy - Contributing Editor to 365BristolVivienne Kennedy

Viv describes herself as someone who lives and works in Bristol but sleeps in Weston-super-Mare, where she has actually lived all her life. Following a ridiculous number of gap years, she went to university late, graduating from UWE with a first class honours degree in Media Culture and Practice in 2014 at the age of 47. Following a stint as the oldest intern in town, she now spends her days as a professional tweeter and Facebooker and many of her evenings at Bristol's theatres and music venues. She fits in a fair number of exhibitions too.


Nick Clay - Contributing Editor to 365BristolNick Clay

Nick was born and raised in Hull before moving to Bristol 6 years ago and currently runs his own business as a qualified personal trainer. Nick has always been around music and has spent a few years as a vocalist in bands and has toured around Europe extensively doing this. Nick specialises in Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Hip Hop - in fact all genres of music and especially enjoys horror movies. Also a keen interest in combat sports.

Sarah-Jane Howard - Contributing Editor of 365BristolSarah-Jane Howard

Sarah-Jane is an aficionado of film, theatre, culture and the arts. A voracious reader and avid crafter, she can be found volunteering her face painting talents at Bristol Zoo when she's not cementing her reputation as Coalpit Heath’s cake maker extraordinaire. Known to have an opinion on everything she’s never happier than when sharing these with the good folk of Bristol!



Hannahbella Nel - Contributing Editor at 365BristolHannahbella Nel

Hannahbella has lived in Bristol for 14 years. She has a passion for music, the arts, astronomy, travel, cycling and surfing. As a freelance photographer, with a background in art and design, she has a keen eye on Bristol's arts and cultural sector and is renowned for spotting hidden charms and things of beauty in the everyday workings of the city. Her photography work and services can be viewed at Hannahbella Photography on Facebook.


Jonathan Eve - Contributing Editor at 365Bristol.comJonathan Eve

Born in Nottingham and raised in rural Lincolnshire, having nothing but music to keep him occupied, Jonathan moved to the South West in 2007 after backpacking around Europe and fell in love with Bristol after joining the local American Football team. When he’s not contributing to the entertainment reviews he spends most of his time developing software (i.e. just listening to music all day), cycling through the Cotswolds or can be found at Five Guys with his face in an All-The-Way Cheeseburger.


Lee Gitsham - Contributing Editor at 365BristolLee Gitsham

A Bristolian born and bred. By day the Regional Manager for Advanced Imaging Systems Ltd. By night (and weekends) a keen follower of most sports especially rugby and football. Musical tastes vary and cover a wide range of genres from Punk to Motown and Swing to R&B - see my reviews! Also partial to a quiet spot of fishing followed obviously by a not so quiet pint.




Alex Ryder a.k.a. Gingey Bites a food blogger in BristolGingey Bites

Gingey Bites is in reality, Alex Ryder, a 5ft nothing greedy girl from the Midlands who now calls Bristol home. With a big love of cooking and eating out both locally and further afield, she’s a champion for independents with eyes almost as big as her (ever growing) pot belly.  Keep up to date with her blog at


Tom Wickens - 365Bristol contributorTom Wickens

Originally from the Hampshire town of Winchester, Tom has lived in Bristol for four years. He decided it was a city worth staying in after graduating in Cyber Security at UWE last year. Tom has a passion for technology as well as keen interests in film, food, music, sports and photography. He spends a lot of his time engaging in the abundant offerings of a vibrant city at the forefront of British culture. 


Mike HeadingtonMike Headington

Born and bred in Weston-super-Mare, Mike has played in bands over the last 30 years and has an avid interest in a wide range of music genres. With a passion for live music he spends endless nights watching all types of bands, both famous and not so famous. With a love of Bristol’s infamous venues and the thriving music scene he also follows the local football club in red with a passion. His mission statement is...Keep it real, keep it live and Keep on Rocking!!



Andrea MartinAndrea Martin

Andrea was born and raised in Bristol but moved to Weston-super-Mare as a teenager, around the same time the punk scene hit Britain and was right in the thick of it. Embracing the music and bands of that time, she has been a regular at most of the Bristol gigs ever since. Music, especially live, is in her veins and after performing in bands of her own over the years she continues to sing in a local choir. “Music has and always will be a massive part of my life, and I will be a party girl ‘til the day I die.”


Talicza Stevens - 365Bristol contributorTalicza Stevens

Talicza is a Bristol newbie, but has been reviewing gigs, shows and albums for years as well as writing her own dating blog at  



Matilda Haymes - 365Bristol contributorMatilda Haymes

Matilda is an English literature student at the University of Bristol with a huge passion for writing. Having moved here 3 years ago from Cambridgeshire, she is making the most of living in a city and can usually be found exploring art galleries or attending concerts.



Nina Napier - 365 Bristol reviewerNina Napier

Nina is a journalist and radio broadcaster hailing from Sheffield beyond the wall. She’s been in Bristol for nearly three years and recently completed her masters in Journalism. Nina’s interested in all things food, music and exploring arts and culture.


Digital Media Specialists

Somerset Design - Creative Media Agency in Bristol and SomersetSomerset Design

Somerset Design are a professional website design agency and creative team based at Aardman Animations in Bristol with further offices in Ilminster in Somerset. As our digital media partner they keep us up to speed with the fast paced changes in technology so that our sites are properly indexed by all of the major search engines and ensure content is delivered in the correct format to our readers devices. Visit


Through our partnership with Somerset Design we are able to offer their outstanding web development and creative services to our clients.


Photography and Videography services

Joe Coleman from Grit Bristol Photographic

A visual artist practising in Bristol, Joe also provides specialist services to business and individuals in and around the South West. Ranging from traditional film photography through to cutting edge digital video production, Joe aims to creatively fill any brief - telephone 07545 290755 for more information.


Tony Parker

Tony's specialist areas of production are camera operations and editing. Having worked in the video industry for over ten years, he has also worked for the visual effects team for New Line Cinema at Shepperton Studios England. Tony provides our clients with their very own high definition marketing videos.


Clair Litster-Huckle

Clair is a freelance photographer who covers many of the major events and festivals hosted in Bristol each year as well as specialising in sports photography, weddings and even pets! She can often be found wandering the City capturing fantastic shots for our site.