Friday Twilights at Bristol Zoo Gardens on Friday 6th July 2018

Friday Twilights at Bristol Zoo Gardens on Friday 6th July 2018

Posted on: 05 Jul 2018

You have to admit, Bristol Zoo Gardens is a pretty magical place, brimming as it is with a veritable cornucopia of beasties and creatures that enthrall, educate and fire up the imagination. But things are about to get even more beguiling and enchanting as you can enjoy all of this against the warm, orange glow of sunset as part of Friday Twilights which take place every Friday evening, and the next of which is on Friday 6th July 2018.

Animals at Bristol Zoo

Amidst a backdrop of roars, howls, chirps and random animal noises, you can relax and unwind to the sounds of the venue's multitudinous inhabitants as the beautiful, radiant sun sets. It's like being on an African safari, only in Bristol - although if this spell of sweat-inducing, blistering heat continues, temperature-wise it probably will be pretty similar to the Serengeti Plains.  


Throughout the evening you'll be able to relax on the lawn, chilling out to a soundtrack of live music; enjoy some delicious food at their new immersive restaurant; explore the verdant splendidness of the zoo's award-winning gardens; and learn more about your favourite beasties as part of their exclusive Friday Twilight animal talks. There's also some face painting on offer too, if you fancy walking out with a fizzog resembling a butterfly or tiger.

Animals at Bristol Zoo

And if you miss this one, don't worry, Friday Twilights will continue every week throughout July and August on 13th July, 20th July, 27th July, 3rd August, 10th August and 17th August.  


Money raised from the evenings will be used to support Bristol Zoological Societ's ongoing charitable objectives.  

It's a chilled out, wind-down way to unburden yourself of the stresses of the week and a pretty awesome way for families and friends to kickstart their weekend shenanigans. Tickets costs a mere fiver (£4 for members) and can be picked up, along with plenty of info about other events and activities at the zoo, here.


Bristol Zoo Gardens is located at Guthrie Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3HA.

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