365 Bristol’s Guide to Stokes Croft

365 Bristol’s Guide to Stokes Croft

Posted on: 07 Jun 2018

Stokes Croft was recently listed as one of the top 10 up-and-coming neighbourhoods in the UK and Europe. An accolade indeed, but we can’t really say that this is a huge surprise! The area is well known throughout the city (and apparently the country) as a buzzing centre of creativity and bohemia. A street running between Kingsdown and St Paul’s, and widely known as the area surrounding it, Stokes Croft is without a doubt the artistic hub of Bristol and is filled with some of the most interesting and original shops, restaurants and creative spaces in the country. 


For anybody yet to visit, we have compiled a list of our top hot spots to check out. Read on to see where we recommend!


To Dance

The Crofters Rights  

Crofters Rights Bristol Pub

The Crofters Rights hosts pretty much any event you could think of - from punk gigs to storytelling, comedy to experimental noise. Their space comprises a front room with bar, and a back room which is used for all of their live acts, as well as being available to hire. 


Whether its a few evening beers or a night out with your pals that you’re after, Crofters is a great choice. 


This June, sessions include burlesque shows, open mic, psychotherapy sessions, jazz, and a ‘Body Talk’ night where participants will get a free drink for telling an anecdote or performing interpretive dance regarding their body. Are you getting the sense that this is the place to be? 


The Crofters Rights is at 117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RW


Full Moon and Attic Bar  

Full Moon Attic Bristol

The Full Moon calls itself ‘a multi-cultural hub’ and is located at the entry into Stokes Croft, near the Bearpit. The venue has two bars, a club/live music venue, a restaurant and large pub courtyard. As well as all of this, it also accommodates up to 70 people in its Backpacker Hotel. 


DJs play every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in The Full Moon Pub, along with regular live music gigs and club nights in The Attic Bar which is equipped with an Opus soundsystem and great stage lighting. The venue was voted by The Guardian as one of the Top 10 Best Clubs In The UK in 2015, so if you’re looking for somewhere a little off the beaten track to party the night away this is the place! 


The Full Moon and Attic Bar is located at 1 North St, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PR.


The Love Inn 

Love Inn Bristol Bar

The Love Inn - cozy bar serving food and drinks by day and a dance and live music venue by night. They host regular gigs and club nights, serve excellent cocktails, and provide a warm and trendy venue for late night boogieing. 


The bar is owned by the people behind Love Saves The Day, so you can be sure that you’re in for a good time! 


Visit The Love Inn at 84 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS13QY.



Lakota Bristol Club

Lakota was one of the most famous clubs in the country throughout the ‘90s, and has had a revival over the past decade as a favourite venue for young clubbers, especially students. The club is known for playing a diverse range of music, with drum and bass, jungle, house, psy-trance and techno nights providing a platform for artists whether they be local or international. 


If you get the chance to go there this Summer, check out their St Pauls Carnival After Party (July 7th) or Dimensions Festival on July 20th.


Lakota is at 6 Upper York Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS2 8QN


No. 51 

No 51 Stokes Croft Bristol Club

The little sister of renowned music venue Mr Wolfs on Saint Nicholas Street, No. 51 excel in providing food, booze and tunes. Their well placed beer garden is perfect for sharing a pizza or some evening drinks with friends or colleagues, and their 4am license means that you may end up staying longer than initially intended… 


No. 51 are (unsurprisingly!) at 51 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QP.


Blue Mountain 

Blue Mountain Stokes Croft Bristol

Infamous in the underground nightlife scene, Blue Mountain is a club located near The Bearpit. The club is separated into two rooms, with a large balcony and roof top garden. They host a range of nights showcasing a diverse collection of artists and DJs - from techno to jungle and drum and base. An excellent soundsystem and a truly iconic Stokes Croft venue. 


Blue Mountain is at 2 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PR.


The Bell 

The Bell Bristol Stokes Croft

A member of the Butcombe Brewing Company, The Bell is everything you would want from a traditional pub - a great choice of beers and ciders, friendly staff and a local feel. 


They host live DJs and, in the true spirit of Stokes Croft, as well as having walls covered in local artists’ work, their toilets are adorned with graffiti art.


The Bell are at 18 Hillgrove Street, Bristol, BS2 8JT



To Shop


Stokes Croft China 

Stokes Croft China Bristol

They’re selling mugs, china, prints and apparel that you never knew you needed till now. Calling themselves ‘purveyors of the peculiar’, Stokes Croft China aren’t your typical tranklements shop. From political prints to cups and saucers with anti-austerity messages layered over floral patterns, it’s unlikely that you’ll leave empty handed. 


They’re located at 35 Jamaica St, Bristol, BS2 8JP.


That Thing Ltd

That Thing Bristol Shop Stokes Croft

That Thing stock over 50 independent designers from in and around Bristol. Their shelves are brimming with jewellery, headware, and clothing that's often made from reclaimed vintage fabrics. If you’re going to a festival this Summer and want to look extra jazzy, this is the place to head to.


That Thing are at 45-47 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QP.


Vintage Market 

Vintage Market Bristol Stokes Croft

To pick up reclaimed and vintage pieces, head to the Vintage Market pop up. They’re open Thursday to Sunday and have ever changing stock of restyled, reused and recycled gems. 


The Market is at 15-19 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY.


Neon Tiger 

Neon Tiger Bristol Art Stokes Croft

Traders of wall art, greetings cards and cute gifts - think mugs, tote bags and even arty transferrable tattoos - this treasure trove is guaranteed to require a thorough browse. 


Neon Tiger are at 93 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RD but they shut for summer so if you’re planning to make purchases soon, order from their website here.


Treasure Stokes Croft 

Treasure Stokes Croft Bristol Shop

Boutique charity shop selling carefully selected donated clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as handmade items created by a group of talented women who work and volunteer at the shop.


All of their profit goes into a ‘Treasure Chest Fund’ which is then spent on the development of local people and projects in Stokes Croft. So far, they have funded educational projects for young people, local artists to paint murals, and even a literature festival.  


You can see some of the pieces they currently have in the store by visiting their Instagram account here.


Treasure are at 100 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RJ.


To Eat 

You’ll need some food and drink to fuel all the exploring that you’ll be doing, so here are our top recommendations for where to visit for some quality grub…


Crofters Rights 

Crofters Rights Bristol Food Pizza

Crofters isn’t only a great place to visit for a night out, they also have a range of drinks on offer and have in house chef Ray making their very own Neopolitan style pizzas daily. 


Their sourdough options include classics like the Marinara and Margherita, the New York Hot (tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, pepperoni, red pepper, jalapenos) for those of you that fancy something sizzling, and both vegetarian and vegan options.


The Crofters Rights is at 117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RW.


Arts House Café 

Arts House Cafe in Bristol

The Arts House is an airy café serving Fairtrade coffee, cakes and brunch from 10-4 in the day. It then transitions into an ambient restaurant in the evening when they serve dinner from 5.30 till 9.30pm. 


Inside, a casual and light space makes for the perfect spot to enjoy refreshments. With local and national art decorating the walls on an eight-week rotation, the interior perfectly encapsulates the community spirit of this diverse corner of the city. Customers can sit by the large panoramic windows for hours on end, watching the nearby streets, always busy with interesting characters.


The basement event space is the home of the weekly Truth Out Cinema followed by Film Club (Monday nights), Life Drawing (Thurs 6-7.30pm) Bristol Underground Comedy (fortnightly on Thursdays) & Open Mic (fortnightly on Friday nights). They also host several other gigs and events.


The Arts House Café is at 108A Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RU.



Pieminister Bristol Food

Not just a Pieminister, oh no. The original Pieminister. This Bristol institution is a must visit for anybody of a pastry loving persuasion. You have your pick of 15 gravy covered pie options (vegetarian and gluten free available) which are served with your choice of sides, ‘sticks’ (halloumi, onion rings, sausage), and small plates. 


Excellent value, ‘The Feast’ includes any classic pie, two sides and a stick for £9.95. They’re also the only pie restaurant in the country serving a menu which uses 100% free range meat and eggs - their passion for quality food is evident with every bite. 


Over 15 nationwide pubs now serve Pieminister pies on their menus, and the company have expanded to Manchester, Cardiff, Oxford and Amsterdam to name but a few. To go back to where it all began and the true home of the best pies in the UK, visit their HQ in Stokes Croft.


Pieminister are located at 24 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS13PR.


Caribbean Croft 

Caribbean Croft Bristol Food

Caribbean Croft are a relaxed restaurant and bar who serve up authentic Caribbean food along with, I think it’s safe to say, the most extensive rum selection in Bristol. Their flavour-packed dishes are cooked to order and their menu features a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian options. Most of these are served with rice’n’peas and Croft-slaw. 


Some top picks are Ackee’n’Saltfish - Jamaica’s national dish, served with green banana and fried plantain - and Peppered Appleton Coconut Steak which is served with steamed veg and potato wedges. 


To see what else is on offer, check out their menu here.


Caribbean Croft are located at 30 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QD.


The Bristolian Cafe 

Bristolian Cafe Bristol Food

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner alongside artisan coffees and a selection of gorgeous cakes, The Bristolian is an ideal stop off during a visit to Stokes Croft. The bistro have a seasonal menu, new specials every week and ever friendly staff. A top choice! 


The Bristolian is at 2 Picton Street, Bristol, BS6 5QA.



Biblos Stokes Croft Bristol Food

Biblos are an excellent choice for lunch. They serve wraps featuring plenty of options including various Jerk Chicken flavours, Lamb Kofte and Halloumi - £5.95 for regular, or £7.95 for large - and come jam packed with healthy veg and homemade sauces. For the indecisive amongst us, they give you the option to go half and half with fillings if you just can’t choose! 


As well as wraps, Biblos serve a range of main dishes, Mezze (falafel, hummus, flatbread, salads) and their traditional Israeli Shakshuka breakfast. They have a daily cake menu, variety of teas, and locally roasted fair trade coffees are only £2 each. 


Biblos is at 62a Stokes Croft, Bristol.



Poco Bristol Food Stokes Croft

Named as Crumbs Magazine’s ‘Best Casual Dining’ restaurant for 2017, tapas doesn’t come much better than this. The menu at Poco is changed with every season, to incorporate all the best and freshest ingredients into new dishes which will feature alongside their classics like saddleback pork belly with fennel and deep fried oysters. 


They offer a selection of cold and hot plates, sides and sweets, brunch and lunch dishes, all of which are as colourful as they are delicious! 


Find Poco at 45 Jamaica St, Bristol, BS2 8JP.


The Crafty Egg  

Crafty Egg Bristol Food

An Instagrammer’s dream, The Crafty Egg serve up some of the prettiest (and tastiest) dishes around. Their breakfast and brunch dishes come alongside an extensive drinks menu featuring a number of delicious smoothies - the Peanut butter bad boy being particularly tempting. 


Try their classic Crafty Breakfast, Avocado toast or take on their Crafty Challenge for £12.50 - a full breakfast piled on top of a stack of pancakes with maple and three eggs - if you’re feeling particularly famished. 


The Crafty Egg are at 113 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RW.


Take 5 Cafe  

Take Five Stokes Croft Cafe

Take 5 opened in 1996 and have remained an independent, family-run business ever since. They serve authentic curries which come with with pilau rice and homemade chutney for just £5! It’s really not hard to see why they’re so popular when they’re such great value for money. 


Their menu features all the classics - Tikka Masala, Thai Green Chicken, Vegan Chickpea - along with less common dishes like Punjabi Style Saag Paneer and Vegan Lentil Daal, influenced by South Indian and Gujarati flavours. 


Their desserts menu is equally tempting, with sweet treats like kulfi ice cream (flavours include indian mango or pistachio and cardamon) and apple crumble with Norwegian vanilla sauce. 


Take 5 are at 72 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY.



Chaiwalla Bristol Food Indian Stokes Croft

Chaiwalla serve fresh vegan Indian street food that’s perfect if you’re on the go or as a special treat during your lunch break. This tiny restaurant is all about authentic cooking, and their food is almost as bright as their interior design!


There are just 3 perfected options on their menu: samosa chaat (chickpea curry topped with crunchy rice noodles), falafel wrap, or onion bhaji wrap (the latter two served with salad, sauces and a samosa).


Free bhajis are awarded to people who bring back their plastic containers from previous meals in an effort to reduce waste, and wooden cutlery is the only option in this eco-friendly business.


You can see more of their yummy food on their Instagram here.


Chaiwalla are located at 70 Stokes Croft, Bristol.


To See

In classic Bristol style, one of Stokes Croft’s most famous and distinguishing characteristics is its prominent and diverse street art. It’s hard to find a wall that hasn’t been decorated, and you could easily spend a day wandering round admiring the work.

On your next visit, see if you can spot some of our favourites… 

Stokes Croft Street Art

Stokes Croft Street Art

Stokes Croft Street Art Stokes Croft Street Art


Hamilton House 

Hamilton House Bristol Stokes Croft

This year is the 10th anniversary of Hamilton House’s ‘Coexist’. The ethos of the house is grounded in community spirit - the building is shared by creatives, chefs, artists, dancers, you name it. 


You can sign up for yoga classes, massage treatments, drumming lessons, visit The Canteen or Community Kitchen or get involved with the Bristol Bike Project. 


Hamilton House is at 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY.



Have we missed your favourite Stokes Croft venue? Have you been anywhere especially fantastic in the area recently? Let us know by getting in touch through our ‘Contact Us’ page!

Article by:

Iona McLeod

Iona is a final year Biomedical Science Undergraduate at the University of Bristol. Her passions include blogging, walks by the harbour and exploring new cocktail venues. Iona is working with 365Bristol as part of the Santander Internship scheme for spring and summer 2018.