People of Bristol invited to the free St Marks Rd Grand Street Iftar Thurs 7th June

People of Bristol invited to the free St Marks Rd Grand Street Iftar Thurs 7th June

Posted on: 05 Jun 2018

On Thursday 7th June 2018, the local Muslim community look forward to welcoming fellow Bristolians to the 2nd Grand Iftar - with the customary breaking of the fast in the auspicious month of Ramadan.


The St Marks Rd Grand Iftar, which attracted over 2,000 people in its inaugural year in 2017, is the biggest street Iftar event of its kind in the UK! 

St Marks Road Iftar in Bristol

Those involved shall be serving great food (including vegetarian options) and delivering several speeches from some of the city's most inspirational figures, giving people the chance to learn more about the prominence of Ramadan within the Islamic faith.

Everybody is welcome to this free community event!


Last year, the Muslim Communities of Bristol organised the first ever Grand Iftar which invited non-Muslims to join them and experience the breaking of the fast (Iftar). The event drew people from all backgrounds, to learn and understand the significance of Ramadan, and its emphasis on unity. After the success of last year’s event, the Muslim community of Bristol would once again like to invite you all to break bread at their annual grand Iftar on 7th June from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, on St Marks Road, Easton, Bristol.


Fasting in the month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, and the period also commemorates the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for 30 days, during this time they must abstain from food, drink, intimacy, and devote their time to prayers.


Grand Iftar 2018 will also be showcasing an array of great speakers who are helping to shape a better future for Bristol. A variety of food (including vegetarian options), desserts, and soft drinks will be served. The Iftar will have a special segment which will celebrate some of the most influential female role models within Islam.


Easton Councillor, Afzal Shah, principal co-organiser, commented: "Next week, on June 7th, Bristol’s local Muslim community invite you to join them at the second Ramadan Grand Iftar. The Iftar meal, where the fast is broken at sunset, expresses sharing, community, inclusiveness, and the oneness of humanity. In a world where many barriers divide us, food can bring us together. Everyone is welcome to attend, and this event will provide a great opportunity to learn more about the significance of Ramadan for Muslims".


Mohammed Elsharif, co-organiser, said "It is really important for Muslims to open our hearts and share with the wider community. The importance is not about where you are from but what we are all able to share. Easton is the hub of diversity, and to hold the grand Iftar on one of the most vibrant streets in the city shows a sense of community".

The event is on from 8pm with Iftar from sunseet at 9.26pm. This is a free event, and booking is not required. All attendees are encouraged where possible, to please use public transport, especially the train service, or bus services.


For further information, contact Councillor Afzal Shah (07789 701603), Mohammed Elsharif (07790 988429), Nasreen Begum, or Zain Choudhry (President, UWE Students Union).


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Hannah Moll

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