After Hours: TIME at We The Curious on Thursday 19th April 2018

After Hours: TIME at We The Curious on Thursday 19th April 2018

Posted on: 15 Apr 2018

As the old Latin phrase sagaciously proclaims: Tempus fugit. And how pertinent an epithet it is too. It seems only a week ago we were popping up the tinsel and chomping on the festive sprouts - and yet here were are, already in April. Reflect, then, on the passing of time in the inimitable, thought-provokingly scientific fashion only We The Curious can offer for its After Hours: TIME event on Thursday 19th April 2018.

We the Curious in Bristol

With the clock ticking exponentially away and time seemingly slipping through our fingers, there will be an entertaining menagerie of immersive, hands-on activities and fun and games at the venue. Expect to be challenged, enlightened, educated and amazed in equal measure.


There will also be plenty of music providing the soundtrack for the evening, as well as bars with a thirst-quenching cornucopia of libations and loads of delicious food to satisfy those rumbling tummies. You'll also have the chance to see their latest seasonal stargazing show, Spring Stargazing, in the 3D Planetarium (for the rather pocket-friendly £3 per seat).

We the Curious in Bristol

With so much fun and entertainment on offer for the night, the time will literally fly by.


We The Curious was formerly known as At-Bristol Science Centre, and is one of Bristol's most famous and popular family attractions situated on Bristol's scenic harbourside. With an ever-changing programme of activities, events and exhibits to keep the minds of young and old alike stimulated, it's a never-ending exploration of scientific facts and fun that enriches the minds and imaginations of everyone.  


You can find out more about this and other events and activities at We The Curious here. 


We The Curious is located at Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5DB

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