Harvey Causon releases new single, Worn You, in collaboration with young Bristol producer Gabriel Gifford

Harvey Causon releases new single, Worn You, in collaboration with young Bristol producer Gabriel Gifford

Posted on: 13 Feb 2018

Bristol-based singer-songwriter Harvey Causon and 19-year-old producer Gabriel Gifford have today released a brand new single, Worn You, out now on all platforms, with a music video to come on Tuesday 20th February. Currently working on a number of projects between them, both solo and collaborative, the single marks the latest milestone of a busy few months for the pair who recently recorded a live session at the BBC's famous Maida Vale studios for BBC Introducing. Ahead of the impending release, we sat down with Harvey and Gabe to discuss the new single, their recent projects and their opinions on life in Bristol.


--Listen to Worn You on Soundcloud here--

Harvey and Gabriel's new single, Worn You, is due for release on Tuesday 13th February 2018.

How old are you and how long have you been making music?

HC: I turned 20 a few weeks ago - I’ve been writing and playing music ever since I can remember, and the production side of things came in when I was 16/17 just before going into A-levels.

GG: I'm 19 - I have been playing music since I was 10, and started producing my own music at 15.


How would you describe your own sound?

HC: At the moment my sound is somewhere between electronic, post-dubstep and RnB.

GG: Fundamentally hip hop, with erratic jumps to darker electronic music.


Who would you credit as your musical inspirations? Are there any particular artists who’ve influenced your current sound?

HC: There are hundreds but to limit myself to a few current artists I would have to say James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Photay and Taylor Mcferrin. 

GG: Over the past few years, I have certainly referenced a lot of King Krule/Archy Marshall, Tame Impala, and German hip hop producers like Wun Two and Flofilz. But more recently, the flexibility of labels like Rhythm Section and artists such as BadBadNotGood and Kamaal Williams (Henry Wu) have really inspired me - they seem to glide effortlessly between jazz, hip hop and more sequenced music.


What genres/sounds do you think influence your music?

HC: Big Question! Footwork, post dubstep, hiphop, Jazz, afrobeat, disco, soul and trap. 

GG: I listen to a lot of jazz, afrobeat, psych rock, and I’m sure this influences my groove, percussion and bass work. I also have a lot of time for Dub and Techno which has influenced my effects processing massively. It’s hard to articulate because I haven’t settled on a sound in my head, but it’s probably a lot clearer if someone was to listen to my music.


Worn You is due for release tomorrow; can you desribe the creative process in making the track?

HC: Up until recently I would completely do everything myself sort of layering either live instruments (drums, guitar, vocals and percussion) with sample based electronic bits and then forming the songs structure, lyrics and chord movement as it goes. However, I have been working a lot with Gabriel to create this new EP and the process has been very interesting. I will be writing a song on the piano in one room unaware that he’s making the beat in the other. 

GG: One of my most recent productions is ‘Murphy’s Hand’, the title track on the forthcoming EP from myself and Harvey. I’d put together a short loop with this wonky synth sound and lots of percussion, which Harv then arranged and put a top line over. The end of the track has a phone recording of our friend (last name Murphy Hand) talking about how he ditched his iPhone for an old nokia which kinda became the premise for the song. I’m not sure if he knows about it though, so if you’re reading this mate - hope it’s okay!


And do you have anything else in the works currently?

HC: Having our drummer Ben Toon has also added an interesting rhythmic aspect to even newer bits we’re working on. We’re piecing together lots of interesting bits by playing them live first before I  start tracking them which has been a refreshing process. 

GG: After the EP with Harvey which will be landing in the next couple of months, I’ve got another single due with my dear friend Maya Law. Beyond that, I’ve been wanting to put together my own solo project for a while now, I’ve been solely producing for other artists for a couple of years now so it’s time to stop giving away my best music!


Can you discuss any upcoming production, gigs or recording sessions?

HC: Our new collaborative single ‘Worn You’ is out tomorrow with a video to follow a week later. I worked on the film with director Chris Anstey and editor Luke Dryden and some other very professional fantastic people and I’m really happy with what we’ve come up with so that’s exciting. The other songs are to follow with another single and then come together as the ‘Murphy’s Hand’ EP.

GG: All focus right now is on the EP from Harvey and I. All of my recent live performances of late have been in Harvey’s trio, and we have plenty more shows coming up in Bristol and London, as well as some festivals in the summer which haven’t been announced yet. Once the EP is out of the way, Spring and Summer are going to be purely writing and performing... and Uni work.

Harvey and Gabriel recently recorded a live session at the BBC's Maida Vale studios.

What’s your take on the current music scene in Bristol?

HC: We saw what Tricky had to say about the Bristol scene, but I don't think it's particularly relevant in the sense that blogs and magazines and others pushing the local music scene are doing a brilliant job in making brilliant music in Bristol heard. Bristol Live Magazine, Nitelife and in my case BBC Introducing in the West have been hugely supportive and active.

GG: I watched the video of Tricky the other day - obviously he’s in more of a position to comment, but from my personal experience as someone who has moved to Bristol in the last 2 years, I won’t be leaving for a long while. There is so much going on in the city which is so refreshing, although there is a crazy amount of competition.


What's your favourite Bristol venue to play live and why?

HC: I love playing in Bristol, I think its common knowledge that venues like the Louisiana and Crofter’s Rights have amazing sound and the engineers are fantastic. I have to say though my favourite time playing in Bristol has been underneath Café Kino; I didn’t even know the space was there until we played my ‘Frisson’ single launch there with Leisure and it was hands down one of the best nights of my music career, such a great venue, it’s so underrated! 

GG: We’ve played quite a few shows at the Louisiana which is always lovely, it’s a great size and the sound is always fantastic. For Harvey’s single release in October we played downstairs at Cafe Kino thanks to Leisure Records and that was such a fun DIY evening. We’re also supporting Puma Blue at the Crofters Rights later this month (23rd February) which I can’t wait for, it’s just another great small venue.


...and what’s your favourite venue in the city to watch live music and why?

HC: To watch music, Crofters would be my favourite, I like how the stage is so low down; everyone gets involved.

GG: I definitely prefer the more quaint places in the city. The Surrey Vaults was my favourite (RIP). I also really love the Canteen, there’s music for free every night and the music and crowds are always so diverse and inclusive.


Are there any other artists in Bristol that you’ve got your eye on at the moment?

HC: Cosmic Soul Collective are really onto something, get down to one of their nights… insanely good. I love Tamu Massif’s music and am really excited for his album and obviously Henry Green is also sitting on a top album for 2018. Leisure Records are absolutely fantastic people, you can rely on their next releases to be massive!

GG: Glume and Phossa. Everything they put out is crazy.


Harvey Causon and Gabriel Gifford's new single, Worn You, is due for release on Tuesday 13th February, with the music video to come a week later on Tuesday 20th. To explore more of Harvey and Gabriel's music, check out Harvey's Soundcloud page. Alternatively, follow the guys on Facebook for news on upcoming gigs, releases and other announcements.

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Matt Robson

Having moved to Bristol from Cornwall in 2015, Matt recently completed a degree in Journalism at UWE. He is keen on a wide variety of musical genres, as well as taking an interest in art and illustration, producing his own work in his spare time. Matt makes the most of Bristol's diverse nightlife and attends live music and club nights regularly. Get in touch via email at matt@365bristol.com.