Clubbing at the Crypt at St John on the Wall in Bristol on Thursday 15th February 2018

Clubbing at the Crypt at St John on the Wall in Bristol on Thursday 15th February 2018

Posted on: 13 Feb 2018

The whole family enjoying a Half Term groove and boogie dancing in one of Bristol's secret historic crypts? Impossible, right? Well, no actually. And that's precisely what you've got to love about this city - it abounds with endless, irrepressible idiosyncrasy and fun, which makes the Clubbing at the Crypt gig at St John on the Wall this Thursday 15th February such an ingenious delight.

St John's On the Wall in Bristol

Certainly there's no shortage of events and activities over the next few weeks to keep the parents and their sprightly offspring amused and entertained, but this is one of the region's more beguilingly wonderful additions to the Half Term shenanigans.  


A professional DJ will be spinning the vinyl and pumping out the tunes of music from the 1950s up until present day, so this is the perfect chance to show off your moves - whether you're a school age youngster or a respectable businessman unleashing a previously untapped desire to be the next John Travolta. Yep, we envisage much dad dancing happening. 

St John's On the Wall in Bristol

But it won't all be about hitting the dance (crypt) floor and showing off your choreography in time to the choons and strobe lighting (of which there will be some) - there will be loads of music-based crafts to get stuck in to as well.


Built in the 14th century, St John on the Wall is an incredible, historic step back in time due to the fact the upper church and crypt pretty much remain unchanged from how it originally existed. Situated near the archway which frames the end of Broad Street, it's an architectural revelation and stunning landmark in the city. You're reminded that there is a narrow entrance and steps and uneven floors, so it's advisable to wear sensible dancing shoes.  


Clubbing at the Crypt is supported by the Family Arts Campaign as part of Bristol Family Arts Festival and Age Friendly Standards.  The event runs from 11am to 3pm and entry is free with donations welcome.  


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St John on the Wall Church/Crypt is located at Broad Street, Bristol, BS1 2EZ.  Tel. 0117 9291766

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