St Pauls Carnival Community Workshop at the Malcolm X Centre 23rd February 2018

St Pauls Carnival Community Workshop at the Malcolm X Centre 23rd February 2018

Posted on: 12 Feb 2018

Bristol’s legendary St Pauls Carnival is scheduled to be back after a 3-year absence for a huge 50th anniversary celebration.


This year’s organisers, The St Pauls CIC are calling for Bristol residents to get involved with their community workshop, that is set to take place on Friday 23rd February 6-8pm at The Malcom X Centre.

St Pauls Carnival in Bristol

Community involvement is crucial in the running’s of the Carnival and everybody is invited to come along, chat, help to contribute ideas and plans for the big day that is hugely anticipated in the city.


It is vital that St Pauls Carnival remains a community event, that showcases local skills, expertise, arts, food, music, performance and more. The organisation aims to create a high-quality event with a stable financial plan in place.

St Pauls Carnival in Bristol

The CIC board is comprised of eight local people, each offering their specific skills, knowledge and expertise on a voluntary basis. Existing to provide strategic direction and advocacy for the future of St Pauls, the long term aim of the CIC is to create a sustainable model for the event to run long into the future.


The opportunities on offer are varied and numerous, with something for everyone; including fundraising assistance and team leader roles within numerous voluntary groups – including young peoples and environmental groups.

St Pauls Carnival in Bristol

Other roles include costume creation, taking part in the parade or being involved as an artist, performer, sound system, stage manager, running a stall or stewarding.


Marti Burgess, CIC Chair, said: “Local people are the lifeblood of carnival. It is a community event that cannot take place without residents, businesses and local groups and homegrown artists. The level of community involvement we get now will directly impact the success of our 50th celebrations in July this year. We’ve been inundated with offers of support and people asking for information on how to get involved. Now is the time.  Come to the Malcolm X Centre from 6-8pm on February 23rd, hear our plans and get involved in any way you can. Carnival will be as good as we make it together.”


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