Lunchtime Recitals at Bristol Cathedral from January to June 2018

Lunchtime Recitals at Bristol Cathedral from January to June 2018

Posted on: 29 Dec 2017

Bristol Cathedral will be launching its Lunchtime Recital series from January 2018 with a programme of marvellous mini-concerts which will run from January until June. 

Bristol Cathedral

Starting at 1.15pm and lasting 45 minutes, there will be an impressive range of instrumentalists and performers playing a diverse, interesting programme of pieces by a broad range of composers. 


Expect, then, an organist one week, a saxophonist the next, a singer the week after that and a pianist the subsequent week. If variety is the spice of life then musically speaking this is the most intoxicating, heady mix of flavours on the planet. 

Bristol Cathedral

All recitals are free and everyone is welcome, and if you want to pop a few pounds in the retiring collection at the end then you're welcome to do so. The first recital takes place on Tuesday 9th January and, as far as spending your lunch hour goes, you have to admit it's a lot more fulfilling than sitting sullenly in the office canteen chomping on your ham sarnie or perched on a cold park bench in the middle of winter. 


If music be the (lunchtime) food of love, play on. 


For a full programme of recitals, head to Bristol Cathedral website here 


Bristol Cathedral is located at College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TJ.  Tel. 0117 9468184

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