Bristol Hoppers Beer Tour host Tryanuary Special on Friday 5th January 2018

Bristol Hoppers Beer Tour host Tryanuary Special on Friday 5th January 2018

Posted on: 29 Dec 2017

Whilst many jump on the New Year bandwagon of January-induced self-improvement and a moratorium from vices such as cigarettes and booze, those fabulous folk at Bristol Hoppers are having none of it - and encouraging you quaff a few fine beers as part of its beer tour, ingeniously titled Tryanuary, on Friday 5th January 2018.


Meeting at McDonalds in Cabot Circus, you'll amble along to three local breweries which will whet your ale-appreciating whistles with at least one brand new beer to sample. This fantastic feast of top-notch suppage will start at Small Ales brewery tap room for a stroll around their brewery and a few half pint snifters to get you going.  


From there you'll head to Fierce & Noble brewery to sip at least three of their marvellous beers which will include one which has been specially brewed for the Tryanuary occasion, all the while enjoying the environs of its brilliant, cosy tap room. A visit to Left Handed Giant will bring things to a satisfyingly alco-fuelled conclusion, where you'll be able to enjoy three thirds and half a pizza courtesy of those dough-and-topping proficient maestros at Mission Pizza. 


Betwixt the beer tasting and the sauntering, the tour will also be peppered with plenty of interesting city-based facts.


Tickets for this real ale amble cost £25, inclusive of all the beer and pizza, and you can reserve your place here.

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Jamie Caddick

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