Apocalyptica's Metallica by Four Cellos at Bristol Colston Hall on Wednesday 28th February 2018

Apocalyptica's Metallica by Four Cellos at Bristol Colston Hall on Wednesday 28th February 2018

Posted on: 19 Dec 2017

Experience the music of Metallica like you've never experienced it before - performed by Finnish cello metal band Apocalyptica - at the Colston Hall in Bristol on Wednesday 28th February 2018.


Finnish four-piece Apocalyptica's renditions of Metallica classics has drawn widespread acclaim since its original 1996 release

Originally recorded by the metal group in 1996 but now fully remastered for a stunning 2017 re-release, you can expect the likes of Master of Puppets, Enter the Sandman, The Unforgiven and Creeping Death in all its thrashing, frenetic glory on the four cellos, perhaps the least likely of instruments imaginable to perform the classic songs.

But boy, does it work. All the energy, fury, passion and intensity of those Metallica hits are filtered through the timbre of the cellos which take on a sound that truly hits another stratospheric sonic dimension. Classical instruments meet heavy metal covers for performances that are unconventional, savage, extraordinary, sublime and brilliant. 

Take a listen to Apocalyptica's phenomenal version of Metallica's Master of Puppets below.


Ticket prices range from £25 to £34 and can be purchased here. For more information, visit Apocalyptica's official website or follow their Facebook page for updates.

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