My Bristol Food - Frankie Wallington

My Bristol Food - Frankie Wallington

Posted on: 18 Dec 2017

In our My Bristol Food series, we talk with Bristol foodies to get their take on what makes the city's culinary scene tick and also get their recommendations. This week we spoke with Frankie Wallington. 

Who are you?

Frankie Wallington- I’m one half of Duchess Media with Meg Pope. We’re a marketing and events agency who work with lots of lovely independents in Bristol, mainly in the food and drinks industry. I’m from the Cotswolds but my family are from Bristol. I moved here for Uni and apart from a short stint in London and a slightly longer one in Asia I’ve been here ever since.


Where are your most-visited food places in Bristol?

If for some reason you can’t work out where I am from my social accounts, there are several food places you should always go to first and I’ll probably be there: The Gallimaufry as I’ll be chowing down on their sausage rolls; Bambalan as their food is tasty and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun time, and Pata Negra because I just love their tapas and bocadillos (last two are clients but love for them remains!)


Where in Bristol has the...

Best Burger

So tough! For me I have a few. Squeezed for pure, 'it’s all over my face', joy. Oowee for utter, 'I’m hungover as balls', filth. And Asado for, 'this burger is a bit bloody fancy', enjoyment.


Best Sunday Roast

The Lansdown. No competition. No deviation. Get that cauli cheese in my face right now.


Best Pub/bar

Tough, I love the Galli but I also love the Old Bookshop, especially when the fire is on outside in the winter.


Best Pizza

PIZZAROVA! Their base is perfect, sort of chewy but also with some crunch in bits, but what really makes them stand out is the quality of their toppings. Also, they now do vegan pizzas which are going down a storm. I should say, they are a client but I would say they were the best even if I wasn’t working for them.My Bristol Food | Frankie Wallington | 365 Bristol Best for special occasions

Box-E for sure! The food is really very special but what makes it stand out is how bloody lush Tess and Elliot are- they are ultimate couple goals!

Pasta Loco is also a go to if you want to impress. Like Box-E they have just nailed customer services and excellent food- you’re in for a treat if Dom is working when you go in. Plus, their lunch deal is amazing value!

Oh just went to Jamaica Street Stores and Root recently and they need a “you’re awesome” shout out too.


Best Brunch

Lots of great brunch in Bristol! We’re brunch mad! However, Katie and Kim’s really stands out for me. Tough to get a seat unless you go early but it’s like sitting in a family kitchen, and I love that! Food is next level too.My Bristol Food | Frankie Wallington | 365 Bristol Best indie producer/shop/market

For me the best indie producer is Grow Bristol, they provide veg for some of the best restaurants in Bristol and you don’t even know it! Best shop is hands down Sweet Mart, I miss living East Bristol so much just because of this place. Their chick pea curry is mouth-watering and you can buy it frozen for emergency curry needs (which happens often for me).


Best  Area

Wapping Wharf - what an amazing development. If any place captured what the Bristol food scene should be it’s that place. Independent, full of amazing choice, by the blooming docks and everyone is so nice- they’re like a family down there and I want to be part of it! (Although can we put a 'h' in it already?) 


Any other top foodie tips?

Bristol is full to the brim with food and it’s hard to eat your way through all of it, but give it a bloody good go and keep trying new things! 


If you were the Mayor of Bristol for a day what would you do?

Do I have to be Mayor? Sounds way too stressful, I’d rather just go to Wapping and drink wine at Corks.


You’ve got 24 hours in Bristol to show some visitors around. What are you going to do?

We start with Brunch at Katy and Kim’s then we’re going to mooch down stokes croft and take that in. I’d take them to Brandon Hill and then the Bristol Museum as both are awesome. We’d then scoot over to Clifton Village and we’d be hungry by now and I’d probably go to the Primrose Café. Once fed we’d slide now the natural rock slider- weee! You’ve got to walk over the Suspension Bridge, because Bristol. Then we’d walk down to the docks to Wapping Wharf. It’s either wine at corks or beer and cider at Wild Beer (it’s both) and then it’s time for dinner! Personally I’d probably go for Woky Ko or Squeezed, or Pizzarova, or maybe Root, or perhaps Harbour and Browns - arrrgh! Then, depending how party time my group are, I’d head over to East Bristol to dance the night away at The Plough - probably my favourite venue for jump up fun in Bristol!   


Where else can we find you?

On Twitter and Instagram as @Frankieapples  

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