Keep Bristol Warm launches new single in aid for the homeless this winter

Keep Bristol Warm launches new single in aid for the homeless this winter

Posted on: 18 Dec 2017

The single “Sleeping Rough” has been written and performed by Paul John Bailey on behalf of Keep Bristol Warm, to help raise money for our city’s homeless this winter.


Watch the single here and donate for only £2

Sleeping Rough single raising money for Keep Bristol Warm

The single comes from Paul’s personal experience of sleeping in the Bear Pit. He plays the instruments and sings the vocals.


The track was produced by Simon Ashdown at Slate & Ash studios in Bristol, and was mixed and mastered at Invada Studios. Simon creates bespoke sample libraries for Hollywood films and television globally. 

Sleeping Rough single raising money for Keep Bristol Warm

They have also recorded a video for the song with Roxana Vilk, winner of a Cannes 2nd Prix du Jury, and multi-award-winning film maker. The video features a local homeless man called Dave and his companion Daisy the dog, who both live on the streets of Bristol. 


All of these incredibly talented and passionate people gave their time for nothing, and will get no payment from the project, so all the proceeds can go to help the homeless of Bristol survive this winter. 


You may have heard about KBW already, but if you haven’t - get to know!


They are a small team of people from Bristol headed up by Gavyn Emery who want to make a difference to the city’s homeless folk. 

Keeping Bristol Warm

Keep Bristol Warm is not a charity, it is a community initiative. They will never ask for monetary donations; simply donations of your time or items that will help those in need. It is an active movement to demonstrate solidarity and community spirit to the homeless people of Bristol.


To buy the song and donate click here. PLEASE NOTE! If you want to donate more, then please simply pay more for the track. If you do, remember you are a star!


 “KBW will continue to push out as much clothing and needed items to help on the streets and to help the shelters to continue the great work they do. Through receiving donations and pushing them out we are trying to raise the awareness in this city. KBW want to challenge the perception that homeless people are any different from the rest of us. Homelessness begins when something bad happens and you don’t have family or friends around to help. It could happen to any of us.”


To find out more about KBW and the amazing work that they do, head to their Facebook page here



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