New restaurant in Keynsham serving up excellent pizza alongside a slice of history

New restaurant in Keynsham serving up excellent pizza alongside a slice of history

Posted on: 05 Dec 2017

A restaurant inside a retirement community might not be the first place that springs to mind when you’re looking for an excellent pizza, but B Block Pizza in Keynsham’s Chocolate Quarter will make you rethink both your ‘favourite pizzas’ list and your opinion of retirement communities. The St Monica’s Trust development on the site of the old Cadbury’s factory takes its design cues from luxury hotels and feels stylish and welcoming. B Block is open to the public all day, and features a simple, great value menu. The restaurant is bright, and decor is clean and modern. I loved the open kitchen meaning I could see the pizzas being cooked, and the huge windows are perfect for people watching.B Block Pizza | Keynsham | 365 BristolWhen I visited, I was lucky enough to try almost all of the pizzas. Whichever one you go for, you’ll have made a great choice.

The ones I tried;  

Margherita £7.95 Tomato, fior di latte (v) – I think a lot can be judged about a pizza restaurant by their margherita. With such simple ingredients taking all the focus, a margherita will let you know if they aren’t top notch. Happily, the B Block example is an excellent one. The crisp, chewy base paired with clean, fresh tomato and luxurious fior di latte meant that this simple classic is hard to beat, and remains one of my favourites.


Pulled lamb shoulder £10.95 Pickled pomegranate, fior di latte, mint – I’ve never had lamb on a pizza before and I loved it. The sweetness from the pomegranate and the freshness from the mint meant that this was a really tasty and satisfying option.B Block Pizza | Keynsham | 365 Bristol Chorizo £9.95 Wood-roasted jalapeno, fior di latte, mizuna – Given a chance, I’ll put chorizo with pretty much anything. I loved the addition of peppery mizuna.


Smoked Salmon £11.95 Lemon and dill crème fraiche, cracked black pepper, watercress – If you’d have asked me to predict which would be my favourite pizza from this menu, I wouldn’t have guessed that it would be the salmon one but I was blown away by the delicacy and freshness of this pizza and it has gone straight to the top of my favourites list.


Garlic & rosemary £11.50 Roasted butternut squash, aged pancetta, wood–roasted onions, tallegio – There’s such depth of flavour in this pizza. The sweetness of the squash paired with the richness of the tallegio was a dream combo.


Oyster mushroom £9.95 Garlic butter, fior di latte Grana Padano (v) – Another pizza topping that I’d never had before but would definitely order again – succulent mushrooms dripping in garlic butter.


Other options;

Parma ham £11.95 Italian artichoke, black olives, rocket, Grana Padano

Scorched red pepper £9.95 Aubergine, caramelised onion, fior di latte, robiola (v)


We also tried some of the creamed artichoke dip and it was wonderful. I’m a big fan of ordering dips in which to dunk my pizza crusts, and this one is an excellent choice. The charcuterie boards are also excellent; perfect for nibbling on while you wait for your pizza.


If you live outside Keynsham, B Block is five minutes walk from Keynsham train station, which in turn is only a six minute journey from Temple Meads, meaning it’s very easy to get to. There’s also plenty of parking in Keynsham if you prefer to drive.


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