Bristol Massage Space, a tranquil and therapeutic gem tucked away in a lovely quiet location...

Bristol Massage Space, a tranquil and therapeutic gem tucked away in a lovely quiet location...

Posted on: 01 Dec 2017

Bristol Massage Space, a tranquil and therapeutic gem tucked away in a lovely quiet location, provides an excellent space for massage and bodywork ranging from specific Sport style and remedial sessions through to knockout relaxation.


I was incredibly lucky to have been able to experience a lovely massage from Sophia, and god was it needed! With work up to my ears I was able to step in to the beautifully set up room with calming music and fairy lights decorating the walls only to find myself drifting in to a relaxation coma 5 minutes later! I was able to truly forget all of the work I had to do when I got home and finally switch off.


Sophia was able to help my muscles by slowly relaxing and releasing the tension built up. I have a lot of tension in my neck where I constantly look down while working on my laptop, Sophia was able to create a bespoke massage to not only get rid of the tension in my neck but show me exercises I can do to relieve the pain in between sessions, which has been incredibly helpful. Sophia ended my session with a face and neck massage using wonderful dry oils that made my skin glow leaving my face rejuvenated and feeling relaxed. 


There are plans for next year to set up of workshops for families, friends and couples who want to learn various types of massages to do at home, which I will be dragging my other half along to!


You are able to purchase gift vouchers for any occasion to help your family member, partner or friend unwind during this busy time of year of anytime of the year! With a 10% off referral scheme and free consultation beforehand you can relax and feel the benefits! 


Sophia also donates to Mind which is a non-profit organisation dealing with mental health problems because massage is not only for physical but also helps you mentally relax and unwind. When you're constantly rushing from one place to the next in a busy city it's nice to know there is a place tucked away where you can relax and escape the hustle and bustle!

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Milly Knight-Hastings

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