Don Majors independent clothing store in Bristol

Don Majors independent clothing store in Bristol

Posted on: 13 Nov 2017

Most in Bristol will know Don Majors as the go-to place for designer vintage and streetwear clothing. Located on Gloucester Road, the shop is colourful, bold and unlike its competitors. What began with two men's wardrobe has now grown to be one of the best independent retailers in the city.

Don Majors vintage clothing in Bristol photography credit to Anna Bayliss

They stock a range of second-hand clothing, handmade apparels and accessories as well as being host to many vintage designer brands. The team travel all over the U.K and Europe to find their stock, providing the heads of Bristol with the finest quality garments for the fairest possible price.


The shop was opened in November 2012 by Billy Branter and Squincey who originally started selling all of their own wardrobe at market stalls in the southwest. They began to notice the growing interest in streetwear fashion and wanted to be able to provide the city with vintage 80s and 90s clothing on a large scale, something that is notoriously difficult to do.

Don Majors vintage kilo sale in Bristol photography credit to Anna Bayliss

An opportunity arose to take over a lease in a shop in the city, which is where Don Majors now resides.


The guys started the stock-buying process by investing in the import of a large quantity of brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Sport Ralph Lauren. In more recent years, the shop has adapted in both style and fashion as it now also stocks high end brands like Fendi, Gucci and Monclear.

Don Majors vintage clothing in Bristol photography credit to Anna Bayliss

With “styles to suit different tastes and prices to suit every pocket” at the heart of their ethos, it’s no wonder that the store is so popular, with an ever-increasing online presence. Many rare and one-off pieces can be found inside the graff-covered walls of the store, or online at various sites.


Don Majors also host a monthly kilo sale at All Hallows Hall on All Hallows Road BS5 0HL. The idea behind it being a middle ground for retailers and public wholesale, giving customers the opportunity to go and buy vintage and designer brands on mass for personal use.


Don Majors clothing can be found on their website, on Asos Marketplace and on Depop.


All photography credit to Anna Bayliss.


The store is located at 233 Cheltenham Rd, Bristol BS6 5QP


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