Visit The Matthew at M Shed Bristol for Free

Visit The Matthew at M Shed Bristol for Free

Posted on: 13 Oct 2017

Owned by The Matthew of Bristol trust, the ship docks outside Bristol’s M Shed museum where you can visit for free.


The Matthew is a staple part of Bristol's naval history.  Hop on board to explore the replica of the ship that voyaged far and wide, that helped to discover America and Canada,  The modern Matthew is a replica of the 15th century caravel that John Cabot sailed to Newfoundland in 1497.


If you are interested in finding out about the ship’s heritage and history, you can take a look at the collection of rare books to buy on ship, some aren’t available to buy in shops. The Matthew’s book library includes;


The Matthew of Bristol

The Matthew of Bristol

Written by Clive Burlton, this is the story of the modern Matthew. Answering questions such as; who had the idea to build her? How was she designed and built? What was it like to sail the North Atlantic in a tiny wooden ship? The book tells the story of the ship’s representation of the original Matthew used by John Cabot when he discovered Newfoundland in 1497. Built by Bristol shipwrights to mark the 500th anniversary of Cabot’s discovery, in 1997 she re-enacted the original voyage across the North Atlantic.


Read about the ships arrival at Bonavista on June 24th, 1997 and her greeting with Queen Elizabeth Õ and the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Cabot and Bristol’s Age of Discovery: The Bristol Discovery Voyages 1480-1508

Books about The Matthew in Bristol

In this book, the two leading historians of the Bristol discovery voyages,  Evan T. Jones and Margaret M. Condon, tell the story of John Cabot’s voyages of exploration. Find out who exactly Cabot was, why he came to Bristol and what he achieved on his voyages between the 28 years that the book documents.



Books About The Matthew in Bristol

Published ahead of her Atlantic voyage in 1997, this short book covers the design and construction of the modern Matthew. This booklet is only available to buy on the ship.


All of the publications help to raise funds for the continued maintenance of the ship. They are all available on board at a special price.


To view the list of books, check out The Matthew website here.


The Matthew is docked outside M Shed - located on Princes Wharf, Wapping Road, Bristol BS1 4RN


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