My Bristol Food - Charlie Harding

My Bristol Food - Charlie Harding

Posted on: 10 Oct 2017

In our My Bristol Food series, we talk with some of the most prominent Bristol foodies around to get their take on what makes the city's culinary scene tick and also get their recommendations. This week we spoke with Bristol foodie legend, Charlie Harding. 

365 Bristol | My Bristol Food | Charlie Harding

Who are you? Charlie, lived in Bristol for 11 years and work as a content and social media wrangler for Wriggle. I am also the woman behind The Bristol Pudding Society, a resident at Bristol Spirit once a month, 4 courses of homemade puddings and cocktail pairings.


Where are your most-visited food places in Bristol?


The Ox 

The Urban Standard 


Where in Bristol has the...


Best Burger - Asado, jaw achingly big burgers that aren’t akin to Frankenstein's monster. Everything is fresh and cooked perfectly.

365 Bristol | My Bristol Food | Charlie Harding

Best Sunday Roast - The Bank. Sam the landlord’s beaming face, piles of food and 3 courses under £15, perfect.


Best Pub/bar - The Hillgrove, great people, beers, pop ups and a garden!


Best Pizza - Flour and Ash or Pizzarova. Definitely to be enjoyed fresh out of the oven with a good beer.


Best for Special Occasions - Pasta Loco, service is faultless.

365 Bristol | My Bristol Food | Charlie Harding

Best Brunch - The Urban Standard is a firm fave for me, great portions and price. Nice staff and not full of buggies or loud people and they get in pineapple juice for me.

365 Bristol | My Bristol Food | Charlie Harding

Best indie producer/shop/market - Obviously Wriggle, we are truly good eggs that want people to spend money locally. I also adore Ginger Beards Preserves, anything they make goes great in a toastie. I mean anything.


Best Club - my upcoming Pudding Club!


Optional extra; Everyone has to go and see Wings Diner ASAP, the sauce is like liquid crack and I am desperate for a tshirt.


If you were the Mayor of Bristol for a day what would you do?

Pack up the Metrobus and have Sara Venn from Edible Bristol redevelop the centre.


You’ve got 24 hours in Bristol to show some visitors around. What are you going to do?

Probably start with an Urban Standard brunch, head into town for a boat ride around to Temple Meads, head to the brewery tap rooms (Moor Beer  and Left Handed Giant), lunch at whatever street food place is parked up then more drinks up at the Hillgrove, Green Man and Robin Hood in Kingsdown. Finish with a massive burger at Asado and bed!


Where else can we find you?

On Twitter, Instagram  and on my blog, Bedsit Bonne Vivante.


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