Cheese Festival at Motion Bristol Saturday 16th December 2017

Cheese Festival at Motion Bristol Saturday 16th December 2017

Posted on: 10 Oct 2017

*Calling all fromage fanatics*


Save the date! The first ever cheese festival is coming to Bristol on December 16th at Motion. Our mouths are watering at the prospect…forget Christmas, this could be the best day of the year. 


The Festival has already toured multiple locations around the country and it’s now our turn to inhabit the edible extravaganza that is filled with all things cheese.

Cheesefest Bristol

Think mountains of mac’n cheese, oodles of mozzarella sticks and halloumi fries galore.


There will be melted raclette, cheese wheels, and more offering a chance to taste some of the cheesiest cheeses in the world. I know… my stomach is rumbling too.


Cheese on toast, cheese on crackers, soft cheese, hard cheese, crumbling cheese, cheesy fries, cheesy cake, cheesy waffles- *BREATHE*


The event is on from 10am to 6pm, allowing a lot of time for attendees to stuff their faces with all the cheesy delights on offer. Tickets are only £4-£6 and you can buy them here. 


Sweet dreams are made of cheese.






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