The Goram Fair at Blaise Castle Estate on Saturday 9th September 2017

The Goram Fair at Blaise Castle Estate on Saturday 9th September 2017

Posted on: 08 Sep 2017

A fair steeped in the rose-tinted nostalgia of the 1950s and celebrating a mythical giant will take over Blaise Castle Estate on Saturday 9th September 2017 in the magnificent form of The Goram Fair.

The Goram Fair at Blaise Castle in Bristol

The event was actually an annual celebration of the legendary local giant, Goram, which first took place at Blaise Castle during the 1950s before being relocated to Ashton Court and, not long after, stopping completely. 


Inspired by photos of those days gone by and stirred by fond memories of those golden times of yesteryear, the brilliant folk at Goram Events - with the help of volunteers and a variety of organisations - have managed to bring the 50s-style funfair back to glorious life.


So, expect a traditional funfair courtesy of Albert Rogers Funfairs who was actually part of the original 50s Goram Fair; delicious treats from a vintage cafe or more substantial, hearty tucker in the mouthwateringly tantalizing form of fish and chips, hot dogs, a splendid hog roast, freshly-made pizza, noodles, hot donuts and an appetizing whole load more. 


You'll also be able to explore the museum and gardens which be hosting a fun array of Goram-related activities, as well as casting your eye over the nostalgic selection of photos those popular Goram Fairs of the past. 


If you're fond of animals (and not scared of handling a creepy crawly or two) then there's the Petting Zoo, which will let you get up close and personal with a cornucopia of critters such as spiders, snakes and giant millipedes. 


Also taking place throughout the day will be giant building workshops, the chance to become a giant yourself and take part in a fairy door trail, a stunning falconry display, horse rides around the estate, free face painting, and a dog and duck display where volunteers from the audience will be able to try their hand at encouraging sheepdogs to herd a gaggle of ducks around an obstacle course. 


And that's just a sampler of some of the fun to be had and events and activities to keep you entertained - in fact, it's arguably enough to fill an entire weekend let alone a single day. 


This funfair and community event is guaranteed to a real treat for the whole family and takes place between 10am and 6pm. The event will also be running concurrently with Bristol Doors Open Day. 


For more information The Goram Fair, click here.

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