The Umbrella Cover Museum at Centrespace Gallery from Friday 15th - Wednesday 27th September 2017

The Umbrella Cover Museum at Centrespace Gallery from Friday 15th - Wednesday 27th September 2017

Posted on: 06 Sep 2017

Sometimes you've just got to love the way Bristol so unabashedly embraces all things quirky and downright brilliantly barmy - which is why we should all tip our hat to the curators of Centrespace Gallery for its latest exhibition, The Umbrella Cover Museum.

Umbrella Cover Museum coming to Bristol in September

Yep, you read that correctly. An exhibition dedicated to presenting the Guiness World Record collection of umbrellas belonging to one Nancy 3. Hoffman (yep, you read that correctly too; there is a numerical in her name). Nancy hails from a small island in Maine, USA, and for an exclusive two-week period she will be proudly displaying her impressive amalgam of umbrella covers (or sleeves as they're sometimes called).


And as you peruse the parasols you can listen to Nancy herself enthusiastically playing her accordion (see, it just gets joyfully better and barmier, doesn't it?), whilst also reading the intriguing cover stories, win prizes and join in an entertaining range of games.


You may well have been to a Turner, a Picasso, a Dali or a van Gogh exhibition, but chances are you've never been to an umbrella cover exhibition before. Offbeat and refreshingly different, some of the sleeve-baring categories will include Controversial Covers, Art and Umbrella Covers, Brits: Under The Covers and Mad for Plaid. 


You can immerse yourself in this zany world of unbridled parasol pleasure from Friday 15th to Wednesday 27th September 2017.  Entry is free. 


For more information about other exhibitions, events and workshops taking place over the coming months at Centrespace Gallery, click here.


Centrespace Gallery is located at 6 Leonard Lane, Bristol, BS1 1EA.  Tel. 0117 929 1234


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