Bristol Doors Open Day 2017

Bristol Doors Open Day 2017

Posted on: 02 Sep 2017

Inquisitive city folk and local history buffs alike will get their annual behind-closed-doors peek at some of Bristol's normally-hidden treasures with the Bristol Doors Open Days, which runs from Thursday 7th through Sunday 10th September 2017.


This fantastic four-day stretch will cover the gamut of time and place, from sunrise until dawn and exploring all towers and tunnels and hitherto secretive city nooks and crannies and parts of Bristol which are usually hidden from the people's prying peepers.


Organisers of the event will this year open up over 100 venues in Bristol which will give you the thrilling chance to cast yours eyes over some of the region's more undiscovered curios. 


From awe-inspiring buildings, a raft of stimulating guided tours and monumental menagerie of other activities and events, not only can you plunge yourself into Bristol's usually undiscovered delights but you can do it all without paying a single penny. Yep, you read that correctly, dear reader - every Doors Open Day exploration will be free of charge. 


A real treat for young and old alike into the city's stunning and incredible history, architecture and culture, here are a few teasers to tempt your Open Doors tastebuds:


Work your way through the 15th-18th century complex subterranean tunnels at Redcliffe Caves.

Redcliffe Caves in Bristol

Immerse yourselves in the majesty and wonder of 800 years of history at St Mary Redcliffe Church.

St Mary Redcliffe Church in Bristol

Visit Spike Island to learn about the building’s history as a tea packing factory and its current use as a home for artists, designers, creative businesses and students.

Spike Island in Bristol

Discover the exciting creative projects taking place at Jamaica Street Artists Studios.

Jamaica Street Artists building in Bristol

Discover all the magic at Bristol Blue Glass on Bath Road. Watch the awesome glass making with talks and demonstrations. Blow your own Bristol Blue Glass Bauble for £15.00 (£5.00 saving). Browse their stunning shop for some local souvenirs, handmade jewellery, art pieces and gifts. 

Bristol Blue Glass

Get transported backed in time with the Clifton Rocks Railway tour.

Clifton Rocks Railway in Bristol

Lots more too such as find out what it takes to be a TV presenter or DJ with the BBC studios tour or enjoy the genuine wow factor and spectacle of a sunrise from atop the 18-storey Radisson Blu Hotel.

For more info about one of the most hotly anticipated events on the Bristol calendar, prise open the door and have a gander at the official website at

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