Bristol Festival of Puppetry from Friday 1st to Sunday 10th September 2017

Bristol Festival of Puppetry from Friday 1st to Sunday 10th September 2017

Posted on: 01 Sep 2017

A towering celebration all things animated from stage and screen, the Bristol Festival of Puppetry returns to the city from Friday 1st to Sunday 10th September 2017.

Bristol Festival of Puppetry

Taking place at various venues across Bristol including the Watershed, Tobacco Factory Theatres and a raft of other locations, the biennial - now, in fact, fifth - puppetry festival will showcase the ultimate in its field from talent across the UK and around the world.


Casting the shackles of our perhaps limited (pre)conceptions of puppetry gleefully aside, the festival will explore the many manifestations and forms puppetry can actually take. Eclectic, unusual, surprising, exciting and perhaps a little dangerous, traditional puppetry techniques will rub shoulders with more experimental approaches, and there will be the chance to mingle with masters of the marionettes through classes, workshops, debating and networking. 


Cutting-edge, creative and enthralling, this 10-day treat has become a firm favourite on the city's creative calendar. Ticket prices have mindfully been kept as low as possible what these times of austerity and belt-tightening - with many of them actually being free of charge - so you can take advantage of the festival's events kind of like a puppet on a purse string. 


Artists breakfasts, a puppet trail, exhibitions, outdoor performances and a carnival parade are just a few of the attractions and activities guaranteed to keep you entertained across the festival's exciting 10-day programme.


You can find out more at the Bristol Festival of Puppetry website

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