Fantastic GCSE results at Colston's School

Fantastic GCSE results at Colston's School

Posted on: 25 Aug 2017

Colston’s students in Bristol have excelled in the new, and much more demanding, GCSEs. 10% of the new papers have been awarded the new top mark of 9 (compared to an expected national figure of 3%) and nearly 40% of all those new exams were awarded 9 to 7, or A** to A in “old money”. This is a really impressive feat and one that has been achieved through the teamwork of the students who have had to tackle these new courses, and the Colston’s staff who have had to deliver new courses, in new styles and with very little firm guidance on what examiners would be expecting. Well done to all!


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Colston's School in Bristol

Incorporating the new and old grades into easily manageable statistics can be tricky but the headline figures are very good:


  • More than 40% of grades were A* to A (or the equivalent).
  • In single sciences, sat by those students with a particular flair for the sciences, this figure rises to 66%.
  • The Geography Department should have a special mention for their 64% A* to A but it is the Computing Department that have really excelled with 80% of their grades being A* to A.
  • One in five Colstonians received the equivalent of straight A grades or better, including Maria Budin, who also played in Junior Wimbledon this summer.


Students who have excelled include Ottilie Michelson, with her A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, 9, 9 and 8 and Anna Catton who deserves huge recognition for her wonderful grades, A*, A, A, A, A, A, 9, 7, 7, but also because she has been awarded a very prestigious Arkwright Scholarship for Engineering.


Headmaster Mr Jeremy McCullough said: “The whole year group deserves our plaudits for working so hard under such new and challenging circumstances and for making the most of their academic abilities. Clearly this has been an even more uneasy period of anticipation than normal with the much publicised “toughening up” of English and Mathematics GCSEs. However, Colston’s students need not have worried as their results have again been hugely positive. It is also important to remember that Colston’s students not only achieve great examination results but they learn so much more through the school’s holistic approach to education.” 


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