Shotgun Barbers – Bristol’s independent hairdressers

Shotgun Barbers – Bristol’s independent hairdressers

Posted on: 14 Aug 2017

Shotgun Barbers have recently opened their second branch in Bristol, with a salon just off the Bear Pit complementing the flagship joint on Cotham Hill.

Shotgun Barbers

Shotgun rules, ok.


John McMahon and Sam Young have together made one of the coolest names in Bristol in Shotgun Barbers, the unisex hair salon that’s all about the aesthetic.


This sentiment is latent in the effortlessly-enjoyable interior of the OG flagship store on Cotham Hill, which, bedecked in slick white tiling and pop culture posters, stars, front and centre, a shelf of records to be played that day above the turntable on which they are to rotate. Great sleeves from great artists, there’s MF Doom, Blondie, John Grant, Aphex Twin, Nick Cave… a who’s who of inter-genre musical genius.

Shotgun Bearpit

Their record collection has recently been split however: not, happily, through a parting of company, but due to the birth of a second branch on the Bearpit (above), where the likes of The Libertines, Jack White and The Horrors are now hanging out.


Arguably even more aesthetically-pleasing than this distinguished company are those who part with it, the immaculate, envy-engendering heads which leave the premises looking a hell of a lot better than when they entered.


These customers provide living, breathing testament to the skilled hands and quality service provided by John, Sam and the rest of the hairdressers at Shotgun, who are able to expertly attend to any kind and consistency of hair to deliver any desired result.

Music Shotgun

Though there is no limit to their ability, these services come easily grouped under four price categories: Short Cuts (£19), Long Cuts (£27), Fades (£22), Blowdry Bar (from £15) and Colour (from £35). All of these include a head-forward wash and shampoo as standard, and represent excellent value – particularly if applied with a student discount, which can stretch to 25% off.


As you would hope, they are fastidiously picky about the products that they employ, using nothing but the best on the barnets in front of them. As such Shotgun is the only barber in Bristol to stock Baxters of California for men and label.m for women. Only the best at Shotgun.


Both branches of Shotgun Barbers are available for drop-in appointments. For more information, head to their website or check them out on Facebook.

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