New dessert emporium to open in central Bristol

New dessert emporium to open in central Bristol

Posted on: 10 Aug 2017

A new store call Sprinkles Gelato is to open on Bristol’s Harbourside next month, offering its customers the opportunity to succinctly satisfy their sweet teeth.

Sprinkles Gelato

It is a little-observed fact that ‘stressed’ backwards spells ‘desserts’, a coincidence which poses a solution in the very syntactical root of the problem – if you’re stressed, you need to eat more dessert.


And, frankly, there aren’t too many moods which wouldn’t be improved by the prospect of pudding – a sentiment which Sprinkles Gelato are well aware of.


In the five years since they opened their first store in Southampton in 2012, the brand has already added 15 more branches to its number. The latest of these will open shop on Bristol’s Harbourside next month and is set to launch a sugar-rush throughout the city.

Sprinkles Gelato

As its title suggests, the store will specialise in gelato, offering 44 varieties of the Italian low-fat ice cream, including the likes of Eton mess, raspberry peanut crush and blue banana. Not limited to this, however, it will also offer a series of other classic desserts like waffles, crepes and sundaes.


Managing director Sharif Ahmed said: "We are delighted to be supporting our Franchisee, GP Hamptons Limited, to open a Sprinkles Gelato store in Bristol.


"This will be our first store to open in the Bristol area and we’re looking forward to bringing the Sprinkles Gelato experience to this part of the country."


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