Bristol to host bottomless retro crisps pop-up

Bristol to host bottomless retro crisps pop-up

Posted on: 09 Aug 2017

Taking place in two instalments on the 30th August and the 6th September, Foozie’s Retro Crisp Pop-Up will provide ticket holders with a bottomless buffet of over 30 different types of crisps – as well as an unlimited supply of buttered bread…


The 1990s was a decade responsible for immeasurable input into today’s cultural capital. Giving birth to the illegal rave, the proliferation of the World Wide Web and the Nokia 3310, and, musically, acid house, Britpop, lad rock, trip hop, grunge, girl power and neo soul, the 10-year stint is justifiably the subject of myriad targeted nostalgia trips.


Sadly, one of the salient social shifts instigated within the decade has largely fallen out of this collective memory, going unremembered by those who talk rapaciously of Blur, Britney and Biggie.


That is, of course, the rise to prominence of 10p crisps.


Though rapid inflation has rendered the term numerically false, the term ‘10p crisps’ can be applied as an umbrella term, beneath which sit the ubiquitous titles that decorated the corner shops and lunch boxes of yesteryear: think Space Raiders, Nik Naks, Skips, Discos, Frazzles, Chip Sticks, Wheat Crunchies… the list goes on.


This culinary breakthrough, this gustatory sea-change has been shamefully neglected by agents of elegy to this much-adored era.


Until now, dear crisp comrades! For Bristol company Foozie is hosting a pair of pop-ups, where attendees can feast on infinite reserves of these ‘retro’ crisps for two hours straight. Within the ‘over 30 varieties’ they promise, diners can expect ‘everything from Chip Sticks to Wheat Crunchies, Quarterbacks to Tangy Toms and French Fries to Roysters’, as well as a huge selection of dips and sauces, and mountains of bread and butter. Essentially the wherewithal to create the ultimate crisp sandwich.


They also plan on ‘going full-90’s on the drinks and music playlist’with Mad Dog 20/20, UM BONGO COCKTAILS and lots of non-alcoholic treats.


Tickets are £9.50 + booking fee per person and include 2 hours of bottomless crisps, dips and bread plus lots of 90’s themed fun. Drinks are sold separately.

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Sam Mason-Jones

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