New shops and restaurants to open at Bristol’s Wapping Wharf

New shops and restaurants to open at Bristol’s Wapping Wharf

Posted on: 12 Jul 2017

Seven new establishments will open their doors on Wapping Wharf in the coming weeks, augmenting what is already one of Bristol’s most exciting culinary quarters.

Cargo 2

The Spike Island inlet of Wapping Wharf has quickly become one of Bristol’s hottest spots, housing an intense concentration of the city’s hippest joints within a 50-metre radius. A number of these are contained within the crates comprising Cargo 1 and Cargo 2, the networks of independent bars, restaurants and shops piled on top of each other and overlooking the harbourside.


With a truly global range of cuisine crammed into one fraction of a postcode, the site has become an insatiably popular destination for the eaters and drinkers of Bristol. Indeed, Mexican tacos, Indian street food and Taiwanese bubble tea will vie for taste buds with souvlaki from Greece, classics from America and, closer to home, cheese from the West Country, in an eclectically-sourced smattering of international food and drink.

Cargo 2

And though the Wapping Wharf market is busy, it does not yet appear to be saturated; as proven by the news that seven more establishments are to set up shop in, what will be, an extended Cargo 2. These are as follows:


  •   Beer Necessities – with a passion for seeking out the best craft beer from the UK and further afield (and Jungle Book puns, apparently), Beer Necessities will bring their ale expertise to the waterfront.
  •  Brothers We Stand - Brothers We Stand is a new clothes shop, peddling ethically-produced menswear sourced from a tight-knit community of independent brands and designers.
  •   Lemonade – When life gives you… Lemonade takes pride in creating imaginative and tasty burgers, fries and lemonades. Definitely worth the squeeze.
  •   Portside Gallery - The Portside Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, featuring the unique fused-glass paintings of Jane Reeves as well as a variety of high-quality work from other artists and makers.
  •   Temple Cycles – Temple Cycles is a Bristol-based bicycle producer, manufacturing a range of modern bikes with a classic aesthetic suitable for all modes of cycling.
  •   The Assembly Bakery - The Assembly Bakery is a small team of artisan bakers with taste and ethics at its core. They bake pastries, cakes and bread and their sourdough is renowned throughout Bristol.  Moving with the seasons, they offer lots of gluten free and vegan deliciousness.
  •   The Meat Box by The Story Butchers -  The would-be neighbourhood butchery dedicated to using whole animals as much as possible, raised responsibly, often organic and always free-range.  


These businesses will occupy units in the newly-extended Cargo 2, and will take the total number of traders in the Wapping Wharf containers to a whopping 63. They will begin their fit-outs in the coming weeks.


For more information about the activity at Wapping Wharf, visit their website.

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