Bristol weekly weather forecast – mostly dry and cloudy

Bristol weekly weather forecast – mostly dry and cloudy

Posted on: 10 Jul 2017

Good news for Bristol’s gingers this week as the blazing sun of recent days is to retreat behind cloud for the coming seven days – though it will remain largely dry and warm.

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Below is our day-by-day weather forecast, informed by the BBC meteorological boffins and those at the Met Office, complete with a suggestion of a weather-suitable activity. Have a great week! 


Monday 10th July – Bunch of Japes at Smoke and Mirrors

The week begins, largely, as it means to go on, with Monday offering highs of 21°C amid brief spells of sunshine. Cloud cover remains consistent throughout the day.


Tuesday 11th July – Gloucester Old Spot Quiz Night

Tuesday brings with it the week’s only instance of rain – but boy, will it pour. The heavens are to open just after lunch and won’t close again for the rest of the day. Temperatures will stay between 14°C and 18°C.


Wednesday 12th July – Women’s Cricket World Cup in Bristol

The previous day’s rain should largely have cleared up by Wednesday morning, with sunny spells and higher temperatures taking its place for the rest of the day.


Thursday 13th July – Cream tea cruise aboard The Matthew

Things continue to brighten up on Thursday, with the sunnier stints lengthening and daytime temperatures operating around the 20°C mark.


Friday 14th July – Dinema presents The Blues Brothers

Good news film fans! Things are meant to stay dry (touch wood) and warm all day and night, spelling ideal conditions for the premiere of Dinema – Bristol’s newest outdoor cinema – which arrives with screenings of Sing and The Blues Brothers.


Saturday 15th July – Bristol Independents Summer Fete

No rain forecast on Saturday – good news for those heading up to the Memorial Stadium for the Bristol Independents Summer Fete, which is expected to enjoy warm weather.


Sunday 16th July – Dinema presents Wayne’s World

And dry it will remain on Sunday, as Dinema rounds of its trio of films with an airing of Wayne’s World – excellent! 


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