Grab a Father's Day roast at The Green Man in Bristol

Grab a Father's Day roast at The Green Man in Bristol

Posted on: 16 Jun 2017

The pub just off the Kingsdown Parade is one of the best places in Bristol to take the old man this Sunday, with top food, widely-sourced drink and an effervescent atmosphere.

The Green Man roast

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, experience would suggest that a fair few sons and daughters in Bristol might be seeking inspiration for how to spend this Sunday with their dads. Food and drink is always a good place to start however, in which case you need look no further than The Green Man, the Kingsdown boozer whose culinary exploits are only matched by their extensive range of alcohol.


Behind the counter, 102 different bottles of gin vie for space with the six casks of real ale which are always rotating. If that is not enough to tantalise the taste-buds sufficiently, food is overseen by the boys from Bear Grillz, who flip a mean burger and certainly know how to serve up a Sunday roast.


The latter aspect will be more applicable on Father’s Day, when dads and daughters will come flocking to sample the famed helpings of roast meat and greens in the greenest pub of them all. Advance booking is strongly recommended though, now that the word about these dinners is well and truly out among the Bristol cognoscenti.

The Green Man bar

Housed in a Grade II listed building, The Green Man is a Dawkins Ales venue with all the warm, comforting charm of a country boozer. The homely, welcoming ambience created by the wood panel decor is also enhanced by the quirky additions of cool, kitsch memorabilia dotted around the place including film posters and stacks of board games for a quieter moment.


For more information about The Green Man, visit  their Facebook and Twitter pages. Or if you would like to book in for a roast this Sunday, call 0117 9258062.

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