Observe Men’s Health Week in Bristol, the European City of Sport

Observe Men’s Health Week in Bristol, the European City of Sport

Posted on: 15 Jun 2017

Bristol, being the European City of Sport for 2017, is the perfect place in which to make a positive change during Men’s Health Week, which coincides with a number of pulse-quickening activities.

European City of Sport

Men’s Health Week has been in full swing since Monday, with this year’s instalment focusing on the reduction of belly fat and asking, do you have a hazardous waist? The emphasis has been drawn because this kind of fat surrounds the vital organs and can therefore increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke.


The message is pretty simple:


  • Move more.
  • Eat well.
  • Watch the booze.


And the first of these couldn’t be much easier at the moment, with Bristol hosting a series of activities as part of its tenure as European City of Sport for 2017. As such, Bristol City Council have launched a series of initiatives operating with the intent of getting its people active and into sport. Are You Game? is their flagship campaign, aiming to provide the opportunity for prospective sportsmen and women to try their hands (and legs) at activities they wouldn’t have otherwise thought to.


This manifests itself in a series of free taster sessions hosted at various locations all over the city, with over 100 scheduled to take place between May and September. Featuring alongside well-known sports like tennis and rugby are more exotic options including parkour, and biodanza. By offering such an eclectic range of activities, Are You Game? is hoping that everyone will be able to find a new sport to get into and get rid of that belly fat!

Are you game?

With no experience necessary for any of these free sessions, they offer a fun, friendly environment in which to try new things and up your pulse-rate slightly. You can find a comprehensive list of these sessions here.


For more information about the events taking place as part of Bristol European City of Sport 2017, and how you can get involved, click here. For more about Men’s Health Week, click here.

Article by:

Sam Mason-Jones

An ardent Geordie minus the accent, Sam seemingly strove to get as far away from the Toon as possible, as soon as university beckoned. Three undergraduate years at UoB were more than ample time for Bristol (as it inevitably does) to get under his skin, and so here he remains: reporting, as Assistant Editor, on the cultural happenings which so infatuated him with the city. Catch him at sam@365bristol.com.